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The ‘Venom’ Trailer Is Here And Looks Scary (Good)

A quick glimpse leaked online of the most important part, so Sony went ahead and released the official trailer for Venom. The trailer gives the first look of Academy Award nominee Tom Hardy as the anti-hero.



Sony also showed off a poster featuring Hardy morphing into the character.



It looks like there is going to be a ton of action, and horror elements are evident. The mouth, teeth, and tongue do not look very pleasant, and it reminded a lot of people of Pennywise the clown—an obvious horror character.


The film currently does not have a rating, but it could be headed for an R rating. After the success 20th Century FOX had with Deadpool, the R rating could be a good niche for these outcast Marvel characters not under the Disney umbrella.


Venom will hit theaters on October 5, 2018.

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