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‘Westworld’ Season 2, Episode 2: Five Questions After “The Reunion”

After last week’s confusing premiere, Westworld answered some questions over a few different timelines in “The Reunion”, but they weren’t really things viewers even knew they needed to know. Still, it was a great episode that provides some added clarity to the show—which still has plenty of questions that need to be answered. Here are five of the biggest ones that Episode 2 created.


What exactly was it that William showed Dolores?

“The Reunion” was basically centered around Dolores and the Man in Black, with their storylines separate in the present but interwoven in the past, though the end game for them both is apparently the same destination: something known as the “Valley Beyond”. In the past, William brings Dolores there, but we aren’t really sure what it is that he shows her. It looks like terraforming machines, but are they creating a new world? Adapting the current world? Somehow storing all the “sins” that guests have committed and eventually using it as blackmail? No one knows, but we are sure to find out with Dolores and the Man in Black both heading there again.


Did Dolores recognize William in the real world?

William obviously changes a lot from the beginning of Season 1 (when he reluctantly visits Westworld with his brother-in-law Logan for the first time) to now (as the Man in Black), but Season 2 looks like it will get more into what happens during the 30 years in between. He did enough to impress his father-in-law and park-owner James Delos to cast his son aside in his favor, which is clear at the retirement party—or as Mr. Delos calls it, William’s “coronation.” And working at the party is Dolores, who locks eyes with William, who has his wife and daughter nearby, but we aren’t able to tell if she recognizes him in the real world or just happens to react to him noticing her. We might never find out, but it’s definitely an interesting question.


What ends up happening to Logan?

Also at that retirement party for James Delos is Logan, but he seems to have no interest in the event for his father. Instead, it is revealed he is using drugs on the outskirts of the mansion, which Dolores accidently finds out when she goes to look at the city lights—a theme for the episode. Again, we should find out more throughout the season, but there are endless possibilities to Logan’s present-day whereabouts (if he is still alive, that is), and for all we know, he could have a big role to play still.


Will Dolores and Maeve eventually team up?

Unlike the Season 2 premiere, Maeve and Bernard didn’t have the story built around them in “The Reunion”. We technically didn’t see Bernard at all (that was Arnold with Dolores in the pre-credits scene), and Maeve only had one scene, though it was an important one, as she meets Dolores for the first time in the show. After watching the preview for the episode, I thought the two would team up, but they actually have very different ideas about what they should do with their newfound freedom. Perhaps if Maeve is given bad news in the quest to find her “daughter,” she will end up joining Dolores on her killing spree, but it surprisingly seems more likely that they end up on opposite sides right now.


Are the hosts really free… or are they still programmed to follow a narrative?

Now this could be wild. We have been led to believe that Dolores killing Ford at the end of Season 1 meant that the hosts were finally able to “fight back” and act on their own free will, but can we be absolutely certain that’s the case? Is it possible that Ford actually programmed them to follow a new narrative where they fight for freedom—in turn meaning they aren’t really free? I’m not saying the freedom actually being programmed is a theory I believe, but it’s possible, and perhaps all this chaos is simply Ford’s parting gift to the Man in Black: a Westworld where the stakes are real.


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