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The Philadelphia Eagles Are A Disaster

The Eagles started off the 2016 season on a very high note. They were 3-0 and rookie quarterback Carson Wentz looked like a star in the making. New head coach Doug Pederson received universal praise from both the fans and the media.


Things are looking much different now.


The Eagles are now 5-7 and have looked much worse than that. The defense has gotten torched the past two weeks and Carson Wentz has only five passing touchdowns in his last eight games, compared to ten interceptions. On Sunday, the 3-7-1 Bengals easily took care of the Eagles and it didn’t look like they belonged on the same field.


Then, Doug Pederson’s day-after press conference yesterday was mind-boggling and did nothing to make anyone think the Eagles are in good hands. Pederson seems like a great guy, and I have no doubt that he is, but his press conference should concern anyone that is a fan of the team.


His media engagements have never been impressive, but he seems to get dumber and dumber every single week. Perhaps it has to do with a revelation that Pederson shared during yesterday: he sits down and meets with team owner Jeffrey Lurie and Executive VP of Football Operations Howie Roseman every week.


The fact that some people could think that Lurie and Roseman have any idea about the correct way to run a football team is beyond me. They don’t. They have no idea what they are doing. It seems as if they are trying to bring back the glory days of Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins and company, but those days are long gone. If they wanted Andy Reid as their head coach, they shouldn’t have fired him in 2012. Insert Doug Pederson—Reid’s offensive coordinator with the Chiefs.


Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer asked Doug Pederson yesterday what makes him think the team is getting his message and playing hard if they came out and fell behind 29-0 against the Bengals on Sunday.


No lie, Pederson paused and said “…well, umm……. you know, for—again…” before he gave his answer. It took over eleven seconds for him to think of an answer, and then it was a terrible answer anyway.


Also, at the beginning of the press conference, Pederson said that none of the players quit. However, he was asked a similar question at the end and then said some players did not play hard.


First, that is a totally inconsistent message. Second, and more important, is that something you really need to discuss publicly with the media? It might have been reasonable to keep something like that in-house. It’s very simple.


“Well if that’s an issue, it’s something we will discuss in-house with the players.”


Chip Kelly had the right idea—you don’t need to be buddy buddy with the media, especially when the reporters ask stupid/arrogant questions like one that was asked by The Philadelphia Daily News’ Les Bowen yesterday:


“You challenged the team last week after the Green Bay game to not just go through the motions here towards the end of the season. You’re down 29-0 in the third quarter yesterday. Is that the kind of reaction you were looking for?”


Yeah, I’m sure that’s the reaction Pederson was looking for. Great question, Les.


The Eagles also have the second most penalties in the NFL, with 100. That is a direct reflect on coaching and discipline. Philadelphia was not even in the top ten in penalties from 2013-2015.


As stated earlier, Pederson seems like a good guy. However, that doesn’t mean he’s a good head coach. Pederson has a generally bad outlook for a leader and makes too many excuses at times.


It’s only been one year and hopefully he can learn and improve. He deserves the opportunity to have more than this year. Of course, Howie Roseman will be vouching for him because right now Roseman is the most powerful person in the building by far with Pederson as the head coach. Heck, he might even have more power than Jeffrey Lurie because for some reason Lurie has kept him around all these years while axing great football minds like Louis Riddick, Tom Gamble, Jason Licht, and Chip Kelly.


The Philadelphia Eagles are a trainwreck, and they might be too far gone. This organization has no idea what they are doing, and it starts at the top with Lurie and Roseman. Maybe Lurie will eventually fire Roseman, but it seems unlikely. Unfortunately, up to this point, it appears they’re a package deal.

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