Company Timeline

Wolf Sports is an independent sports media company that
was founded in 2016 by David and Dylan Chappine.


  • Originally known as White Wolf Sports.
  • A distinctive brand name reflecting a new company fed up with the state of the media.
  • Built for people who think for themselves.


  • In 2020, White Wolf rebranded as Wolf Sports.
  • The wolfsports.com domain name was acquired and made live.
  • Our goal and identity did not change: Wolf Sports treats consumers like wolves, not like sheep.


  • The premium fantasy football subscription “Fantasy Consigliere” was launched.
  • Fantasy Consigliere provides exclusive access to our fantasy football rankings, along with direct counsel for subscribers to bounce ideas for their fantasy teams.
  • Fantasy Consigliere also includes custom-made, in-house analytics and projections.


  • Wolf Sport provides the most accurate NFL draft analysis available (statistical evidence)
  • Wolf Sports is also consistently among the top fantasy football rankers (as verified by FantasyPros).
  • Wolf Sports is a private company that has taken no outside investment.


  • Future goals for Wolf Sports include launching top-notch fantasy football software for traditional season-long leagues.
  • Website expansion/re-design.
  • If a perfect fit presents itself, Wolf Sports is open to taking investments to help scale and grow moving forward.