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2024 Fantasy Consigliere Draft Guide Preview: Introduction

On June 1, our fantasy football draft guide will be released as both a book for physical purchase and as a free PDF if you are a Fantasy Consigliere member. Over the next few weeks, we will have previews for the guide, starting today with the introduction, which can be read below in its entirely.


Wolf Sports is known for providing top-tier fantasy football analysis, and this brief introduction provides insight into our process. Simply put, the biggest advantage Wolf Sports has compared to the rest of the industry is that we scout NFL players as they enter the league from a real-life perspective. The results have been impressive enough that we consulted two franchises ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft, in addition to a world-renowned talent agency on both the 2024 and 2025 draft classes. 


The chart below shows some of our top hits over the years, and our overall “hit percentage” in the draft is nearly 40% better than that of NFL franchises. (The chart doesn’t include quarterbacks, which is our best position and the primary reason we have drawn NFL interest with hits such as Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, and Brock Purdy.)



Again, we scout like an NFL team would—despite a miniscule fraction of the resources compared to some of the most powerful organizations in the world—watching hundreds of hours of film on college prospects as they enter the league. So, we are very familiar with players at the start of and throughout their NFL careers, which helps with both redraft leagues and dynasty formats. By putting in the work and diving deep into players as they enter the league, we are at an advantage in terms of both NFL Draft analysis and fantasy analysis when those players enter the league.


At Wolf Sports, we believe in the power of independent thinking and extreme commitment. There is no substitute for putting in the work and thinking for yourself. The influence of groupthink—which we do not buy into—can cloud judgement. Josh Allen was a prime example of this phenomenon.


With that, if you are also a hardcore fan that watches a ton of football like us, we recommend using our draft guide as just that: A guide. Maybe it will help you better organize your own thoughts.


And if you don’t have the time to watch that much of the sport but still love playing fantasy football, you can follow our analysis more by the book with confidence. We cannot predict the future, but you can trust that we offer original, independent rankings that have historically provided a significant edge to members.


The chart on Page 3 shows the results of a study—using PFF grades—comparing our would-be selections in the NFL Draft (from 2017 through 2023) compared to actual selections by NFL franchises. As stated, our work is done with limited resources in addition to no collaboration with a coaching staff, no ability to interview prospects, no medical records, etc.



The 2024 Fantasy Consigliere Draft Guide will be available for purchase via Amazon on June 1.