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Top Ten Tuesday: ‘Succession’ Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy football players are not only concerned with drafting or building their team, but also with choosing a funny or epic team name. Some of the best fantasy football team names are with the times, and 2023 is the best year to use a Succession themed name after the HBO series just concluded its four-season run. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday gives Succession fans some of the top fantasy team names to use.


10. Team Crossed Out

One option is to pledge your allegiance to the side of the early-season debate over whether Kendall Roy’s named was underlined or crossed out.



9. Team Underlined

Both sides of the debate create simple, straightforward team names. Ultimately, there are funnier and—to most people—better options, but Team Crossed Out and Team Underlined could be interesting if you and a leaguemate disagree on the situation.


8. The Disgusting Brothers

There had to be a Cousin Greg and Tom Wambsgans name option, and “The Disgusting Brothers” nickname the two apparently came up with before the final season is a fit if you want to go that route. There are memes and shirts stemming from “The Disgusting Brothers”, so why not a fantasy team name?


7. RoJo Technologies

This would be much higher if Ronald Jones was in a starting role, but the Cowboys running back’s RoJo moniker can seamlessly replace the tech company GoJo from Succession. We’ll get to another play on the GoJo name later.


6. My Numbers Are What?

Numbers have a lot to do with fantasy football, with teams trying to put together the best team and the point total each week. So, it makes sense to include the question from Kendall Roy while comically in disbelief over Lukas Matsson’s 12-year-old-level comeback regarding numbers during the tailgate party before the presidential election.


5. The Conheads

“The Conheads are coming.” It’s easy to envision someone that thought Connor Roy was an amazing secondary-type character picking this name and sticking with it for at least the next couple of years. After all, we do have another U.S. election coming up in 2024. The show also provided a potential logo option:



4. Team Wasabi

Perhaps the funniest scene in the comedy-drama was the wasabi moment from the antepenultimate episode of the series. A logo of Darwin when he’s saying, “I’ve got wasabi in my eyes?” or Cousin Greg drinking the LaCroix sparkling lemon water to show that it’s “not that lemon-y” could help form an instant classic name for your fantasy football squad.


3. GoJoe Burrow

While RoJo might not headline fantasy rosters in 2023, there are a couple of Joes that should: Joe Burrow and Joe Mixon of the Bengals. Either is a fit to smoothly play off the GoJo company name, and it simultaneously roots for one of the top players on a fantasy roster.


2. Waystar Pirates

Logan Roy’s epic speech to the ATN newsroom early in the final season of Succession created the potential fantasy team nickname of “Waystar Pirates” rebelling against the establishment. Part of what makes Waystar Pirates a strong team name option is that it’s somewhat generic in a good way, in that it sounds like a real team name.


1. Quad Squad

If you are a Succession fan and draft both Saquon Barkley and AJ Dillon, it is almost a requirement that you name your fantasy football team name “Quad Squad”. Big point totals. Wins. And championships. Just quad squad type stuff.