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AP Photo/Wolf Sports Illustration

2022 MLB Power Rankings: June 20

This week’s MLB power rankings include plenty of shuffling, but the top two teams of 2022 to this point remain in New York.


1. New York Yankees (49-17) | Last week: 1

The Yankees simply aren’t losing many ballgames, putting together a nine-game winning streak before losing a slugfest yesterday to the Jays. After sweeping the Rays to begin last week, the Yankees will face them again starting tonight.


2. New York Mets (44-24) | Last week: 2

The Mets have an uncommon schedule coming up, finishing a four-game series versus the Marlins today before playing the Astros twice then the Marlins again—then again facing Houston to begin next week. New York continues to play solid baseball and pace the National League despite the pressure being put on them in the division.


3. Atlanta Braves (38-29) | Last week: 5 (+2)

That pressure in the NL East is led by the Braves, who finally lost a couple of games this month and are tied with the Yankees for the best record in the MLB over the past 20 games (16-4). Atlanta has a big test coming up over the next seven days, as they’ll host the Giants and the Dodgers.


4. Los Angeles Dodgers (40-25) | Last week: 3 (-1)

While the Dodgers took care of the Angels for two games last week, they still might be in a bit of a lull after losing two-of-three versus the Guardians. Now, star outfielder Mookie Betts is set to miss at least a couple of weeks with a cracked rib.


5. Houston Astros (41-25) | Last week: 6 (+1)

In a weekend series, the Astros routed the White Sox in Game 1 then got shutout (while Justin Verlander couldn’t get out of the fourth inning) before ultimately taking the third game yesterday. Expect more battles this week when Houston faces both New York squads.


6. San Diego Padres (41-27) | Last week: 4 (-2)

San Diego put up crooked numbers against the Cubs (41 runs in four games), but the pitching struggled at Coors Field and the Padres were swept by the Rockies. The team will return home after the seven-day road trip.


7. San Francisco Giants (37-28) | Last week: 10 (+4)

The Giants couldn’t dominate inferior competition, but they got a couple of series wins to follow up their sweep of the Dodgers a couple of weeks ago. San Francisco remains squarely in the NL West race.


8. Boston Red Sox (36-31) | Last week: 13 (+5)

The recent surge by the Red Sox has translated to them having the seventh-best run differential (+47) on the season. Starting pitcher Nick Pivetta has also had personal surge as of late, bringing his ERA to 3.31 following seven innings and ten strikeouts versus the Cardinals.


9. Philadelphia Phillies (36-32) | Last week: 12 (+3)

The bullpen remains a problem for Philadelphia, but they keep winning games and have climbed all the way to four games over .500. The Phillies are fourth in runs per game this season.


10. Cleveland Guardians (34-28) | Last week: 15 (+5)

The entire No. 8-15 range all could have been re-ordered, but the Guardians get one of the final three spots after a series win over the Dodgers—and they did it without star third baseman Jose Ramirez yesterday, as he’s missed the past couple of games with a thumb injury. First-place in the AL Central is now on the line this week versus the Twins.


11. Toronto Blue Jays (38-28) | Last week: 7 (-4)

12. St. Louis Cardinals (38-30) | Last week: 11 (-1)

13. Minnesota Twins (38-30) | Last week: 8 (-5)

14. Milwaukee Brewers (38-30) | Last week: 14

15. Tampa Bay Rays (36-30) | Last week: 9 (-6)

16. Los Angeles Angels (33-36) | Last week: 17 (+1)

17. Chicago White Sox (31-33) | Last week: 16 (-1)

18. Arizona Diamondbacks (32-36) | Last week: 21 (+3)

19. Miami Marlins (29-35) | Last week: 18 (-1)

20. Colorado Rockies (30-37) | Last week: 22 (+2)

21. Texas Rangers (31-35) | Last week: 20 (-1)

22. Baltimore Orioles (30-38) | Last week: 23 (+1)

23. Seattle Mariners (29-39) | Last week: 19 (-4)

24. Pittsburgh Pirates (26-39) | Last week: 27 (+3)

25. Detroit Tigers (26-40) | Last week: 24 (-1)

26. Chicago Cubs (25-41) | Last week: 25 (-1)

27. Kansas City Royals (23-42) | Last week: 29 (+2)

28. Cincinnati Reds (23-43) | Last week: 28

29. Washington Nationals (24-46) | Last week: 26 (-3)

30. Oakland Athletics (23-45) | Last week: 30