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2022 MLB Power Rankings: September 19

The teams in the top six remain clear, but there’s a bit of shuffling behind them in this week’s MLB power rankings with October quickly approaching.


1. Los Angeles Dodgers (101-44) | Last week: 1

LA had a 5-1 week that was capped by a weekend sweep of the rival Giants, and they’ve easily eclipsed 100 wins while becoming the first team to clinch their division. The Dodgers have now won eight consecutive NL West titles.


2. Houston Astros (96-51) | Last week: 2

The Astros clinched a playoff berth and will soon clinch their own division again. Houston has beat up on inferior opponents lately, but they’ll look to get to the 100-win mark when facing a couple of American League playoff hopefuls (the Rays and Orioles) this week.


3. New York Mets (93-55) | Last week: 3

The Mets were swept by the Cubs during what was supposed to be an “easy” schedule, but give them credit for bouncing back with a four-game sweep of the Pirates. Jacob deGrom broke an MLB record for most consecutive starts of allowing three runs or fewer (40 straight games). deGrom hasn’t allowed four runs in a game since 2019.


4. Atlanta Braves (91-55) | Last week: 4

A series loss to the Giants to open last week was disappointing for the Braves, but they came back with a vengeance by sweeping the Phillies in Atlanta. The defending champions are just two games back in the win column in the NL East with two fewer games played than the Mets.


5. New York Yankees (88-58) | Last week: 6 (+1)

Aaron Judge is on another level this month, and he’s suddenly in the triple crown hunt thanks to a .491 September average. New York can be carried by Judge deep into the postseason. Despite their second-half struggles, the Yankees still have the second-best run differential (+209) in baseball.


6. St. Louis Cardinals (87-61) | Last week: 5 (-1)



Albert Pujols continues to be the best story in sports right now, and it’s awesome that he’s doing this for a contending club.


7. Toronto Blue Jays (83-64) | Last week: 10 (+3)

In an action-packed week, the Jays took three-of-five against the Rays and two-of-three from the Orioles. Toronto holds the top wild-card spot in the American League.


8. Tampa Bay Rays (82-64) | Last week: 8

Tampa Bay was able to get a series win versus the Rangers over the weekend, which was really needed when looking at the upcoming schedule. After Houston to open this week, the Rays will face the Jays, Guardians, and Astros again.


9. San Diego Padres (81-66) | Last week: 11 (+2)

The Padres are back atop the three wild-card spots in the National League, and now they’ll face the Cardinals in what could be a potential playoff preview depending on how things play out with seeding.


10. Seattle Mariners (80-65) | Last week: 7 (-3)

A bunch of teams could be here at No. 10 in this week’s power rankings. Seattle has lost three consecutive games versus the Angels, and they’ll look to salvage the stretch when they face LA one more time today. Superstar rookie Julio Rodriguez is dealing with a back issue, but hopefully he’s OK and can get on the field soon, as he’s obviously a huge factor in Seattle contending for a long-awaited postseason berth.


11. Philadelphia Phillies (80-66) | Last week: 9 (-2)

12. Cleveland Guardians (79-67) | Last week: 13 (+1)

13. Milwaukee Brewers (78-68) | Last week: 12 (-1)

14. Chicago White Sox (76-71) | Last week: 14

15. Baltimore Orioles (76-69) | Last week: 15

16. Minnesota Twins (73-73) | Last week: 16

17. Boston Red Sox (71-75) | Last week: 17

18. San Francisco Giants (69-77) | Last week: 18

19. Arizona Diamondbacks (68-78) | Last week: 19

20. Colorado Rockies (64-82) | Last week: 21 (+1)

21. Los Angeles Angels (64-82) | Last week: 20 (-1)

22. Chicago Cubs (62-84) | Last week: 23 (+1)

23. Texas Rangers (63-83) | Last week: 22 (-1)

24. Miami Marlins (60-87) | Last week: 25 (+1)

25. Kansas City Royals (58-89) | Last week: 26 (+1)

26. Cincinnati Reds (58-89) | Last week: 24 (-2)

27. Detroit Tigers (55-91) | Last week: 27

28. Pittsburgh Pirates (55-92) | Last week: 28

29. Oakland Athletics (53-94) | Last week: 29

30. Washington Nationals (51-95) | Last week: 30