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2022 MLB Power Rankings: September 26

The final full week of the 2022 MLB regular season is here, with playoff spots and positioning still up for grabs.


1. Los Angeles Dodgers (106-47) | Last week: 1

LA has already tied their franchise record with 106 wins, so they’ll coast past that with several games remaining. Next up, the Dodgers will have a chance to play a bit of spoiler when they battle the division rival Padres.


2. Houston Astros (101-53) | Last week: 2

After getting shut out twice by the Orioles, the Astros bounced back with run totals of 11 and six on Saturday and Sunday. Houston ends the regular season with an eight-game homestand.


3. New York Mets (97-57) | Last week: 3

Jacob deGrom had his worst start in recent memory, allowing five runs against the A’s; and he’s surprisingly allowed three earned runs in each of his past three starts. But that could mean he’s getting the subpar outings out of the way and will be on his game for October. The Mets are looking to lock up the NL East, which could potentially happen this weekend against the Braves.


4. Atlanta Braves (95-58) | Last week: 4

The Braves continue to play very well, but the Mets are too, so they remain behind them by 1.5 games in the division. However, the final series versus New York will take place in Atlanta as the defending champs look to finally take control of the division.


5. New York Yankees (94-58) | Last week: 5

Aaron Judge is stuck on home run No. 60, but the Yankees are coming off a four-game sweep of the rival Red Sox—which always feels good even during a down year for Boston—and a seven-game winning streak overall.


6. St. Louis Cardinals (89-65) | Last week: 6



There’s no waiting or nervousness over whether Albert Pujols would get to 700 home runs, and the run the future first-ballot Hall of Famer is on is one of the best sports stories of the year. St. Louis lost two consecutive series to the NL West last week, but they remain at No. 6.


7. Cleveland Guardians (86-67) | Last week: 12 (+5)

What an intriguing team as October approaches. Terry Francona’s squad has had success in the past, and they overcame a slow start to run away with the AL Central. Cleveland is on a seven-game winning streak and will look to stay hot this week.


8. San Diego Padres (85-68) | Last week: 9 (+1)

The Padres might need to run into the Dodgers in the postseason assuming they make it, so the series starting tomorrow night is big on two fronts—with San Diego looking to ensure they remain in the second wild-card spot. A series sweep could realistically push them to the outside looking in behind the Phillies and Brewers.


9. Toronto Blue Jays (87-67) | Last week: 7 (-2)

The pitching staff for Toronto stepped up this weekend, helping the team get back on track after two losses to the Rays. But the Jays now have a tough task facing a hot Yankees squad this week.


10. Tampa Bay Rays (84-69) | Last week: 8 (-2)

The four-game stalemate between the Rays and the Jays led to them both holding their AL wild-card spots. Tampa Bay is 33-39 on the road this season (51-27 at home), so their final three series of the season coming on the road is a difficult challenge as they look to fend off the Mariners and Orioles.


11. Philadelphia Phillies (83-69) | Last week: 11

12. Seattle Mariners (83-69) | Last week: 10 (-2)

13. Milwaukee Brewers (82-71) | Last week: 13

14. Baltimore Orioles (79-73) | Last week: 15 (+1)

15. San Francisco Giants (75-78) | Last week: 18 (+3)

16. Chicago White Sox (76-77) | Last week: 14 (-2)

17. Minnesota Twins (74-79) | Last week: 16 (-1)

18. Boston Red Sox (72-80) | Last week: 17 (-1)

19. Arizona Diamondbacks (71-83) | Last week: 19

20. Chicago Cubs (67-86) | Last week: 22 (+2)

21. Los Angeles Angels (67-86) | Last week: 21

22. Texas Rangers (65-87) | Last week: 23 (+1)

23. Kansas City Royals (63-90) | Last week: 25 (+2)

24. Colorado Rockies (65-88) | Last week: 20 (-4)

25. Miami Marlins (63-90) | Last week: 24 (-1)

26. Detroit Tigers (60-92) | Last week: 27 (+1)

27. Cincinnati Reds (60-93) | Last week: 26 (-1)

28. Oakland Athletics (56-91) | Last week: 29 (+1)

29. Pittsburgh Pirates (56-97) | Last week: 28 (-1)

30. Washington Nationals (53-99) | Last week: 30