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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: WR Javon Baker

Big Board ranking: #79

Positional ranking: #14



Position: WR

College: UCF

Class: Senior

Age: 22



Height: 6’1 1/4″

Weight: 202 lbs.

Arm length: 32 1/4″

Hand size: 9 5/8”


Athletic testing

40-yard dash: 4.54 sec.

10-yard split: 1.58 sec.

Vertical jump: 37.0”

Broad jump: 121.0”

Bench press: N/A

3-cone drill: N/A

Short shuttle: N/A



Excellent overall size and strength. Great catch focus. Outstanding ball skills. Smooth into breaks. Terrific ability to reaccelerate after throttling down. Can run creative routes with quick feet underneath to create space. Tremendous downfield body control. Able to effectively twist and track the ball in the air. Very effective high pointing the ball. Knows how to shield off defenders and get his hands up late. Excellent ability to get his feet down on contested boundary catches. Tracks very well over the shoulder. Great adjusting for back-shoulder passes. Works back to the ball along the sideline. Attacks with his hands. Shows vertical shake and a deceptive burst to run double moves. Sets up opponents on deep out cuts and corner routes. Catches the ball away from his body and gets the feet down working towards the sideline. Quick to throttle down on hitches. Effective separating on deep crossing routes. Knows how to find space between the cornerback and safety. Got cornerbacks to bite multiple times on RPO plays for long touchdowns by selling the block and accelerating by them to get wide open. Very smooth catching and turning into a runner. Instinctive and elusive after the catch. Has experience in the slot.



Average overall speed. Would like to see him be consistently faster as a route runner. Needs to complete routes and run them hard when covered. Goes out of bounds far too easily and even if not contacted on outside releases. Will get jammed up by more aggressive press coverage. Has some issues securing passes as the goes to the ground. Good ability as a blocker but needs to be more consistent.


NFL comparison

Stefon Diggs



Overall, Baker is a natural receiving talent with outstanding ball skills and great potential if he can hone everything in and be more precise as a route runner. While he doesn’t have the same twitch or craftiness, Baker’s game is very similar to former All-Pro wide receiver Stefon Diggs.