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Teams Most Likely To Trade Up For A Quarterback In The 2024 NFL Draft

To win in the NFL, you must find a franchise quarterback. Plenty of teams are in need of a long-term answer at the position, and it seems likely that at least one organization makes a move up the draft board to secure one this spring. These are the most likely teams to trade near the top of the draft.


5. New York Giants

You could certainly argue that Daniel Jones, though coming off a torn ACL, remains the franchise guy for the Giants. However, there is buzz that New York could be in the market for a signal-caller if they fall in love with one near the top of the draft. They hope to not pick as high as they are (currently No. 6 overall) in future years, so 2024 might be the time to strike if their top realistic option is there at No. 3 or No. 4. Additionally, drafting a new quarterback could lead to more wiggle room for the current regime moving forward.


4. Denver Broncos

It’s abundantly clear that Sean Payton’s Broncos are seeking a young quarterback to lead the offense moving forward. There’s a chance that they take a shot on someone like Mac Jones, but a trade up also seems possible if they have conviction on a quarterback in this year’s draft class. Ultimately, Denver might be able to get their preferred option at No. 12 given that Payton doesn’t care about how other people view prospects’ “value,” but a trade-up into the top ten is a definite scenario as well.


3. Minnesota Vikings

There has been plenty of smoke surrounding the Vikings trading up in the draft for a quarterback dating back to their inability to do so last year. Of course, we don’t know how Minnesota views this draft class, but being at 11th overall should make it much easier to move up into the top five if they really want to. Trading away superstar receiver Justin Jefferson in a move-up is probably unwise and unlikely, but the Vikings might be able to get a blockbuster done with a bunch of premium draft compensation.


2. Las Vegas Raiders

Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce has an aggressive mindset and has basically said they are going to do what’s necessary to find an answer at quarterback. You know he’d be on board with new general manager Tom Telesco jumping up the board to get someone they love. That would probably be LSU Heisman Trophy winner Jayden Daniels, an electric option that Pierce was with at Arizona State. However, now sitting at No. 13, two separate trades—as we’ve seen teams do in the past—might be necessary to get into the top two or three.


1. Atlanta Falcons

While the talk has not come directly from the head coach like in Vegas, the Falcons are heavily rumored to be eyeing a move up the board despite the rumors of a trade for Bears quarterback Justin Fields, who might ultimately be their backup option. Atlanta’s target also feels like it would be Daniels, and they are in better position to outbid the Raiders. Also, it’s worth asking why Commanders owner Josh Harris is meeting with the top quarterbacks at the Combine instead of waiting for them to visit Washington’s headquarters. Could it be that the Commanders want to know now—with the owner having input—if they are going to deal the No. 2 overall pick to build up the roster? If so, the Falcons might be their dance partner.