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Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals Will Have White Alternate Helmets In 2022

One of the best branded uniforms and color schemes in the league is getting even better. The Cincinnati Bengals officially announced that white helmets—under a “White Bengal” theme—will be an alternate option starting this season.



The Bengals have long had a fan-favorite helmet, the orange-with-black-stripes design paired with a sleek jersey and pants. And they’ve had a few combos to go with. But the addition of the white helmet will look insanely good. The white jersey and pants have been a strong option for the Bengals, but it looked just slightly off with the standard helmet. The ability for NFL teams to now use alternate helmets this season adds another element. Here’s a sneak peak at what it’s expected to look like, from Seth Reese:



“Icy” is a term many have described for this all-white uniform option, and that is an apt description. It will undoubtedly be regarded as one of the top uniforms in all of sports.


And it helps that the Bengals, coming off a Super Bowl appearance in which they came extremely close to winning it all, look like they’ll also be playing good in addition to looking good for many years.


Look for the official reveal of the white helmet for the Bengals to arrive in the coming days.