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The Wolf Sports Newsletter: June 26, 2023

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This week’s newsletter starts with legal trouble for one of the NFL’s top players.


🛥️ Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill involved in alleged assault.


  • The alleged incident took place in Miami, where the All-Pro plays for the Dolphins.
  • Multiple reports say that Hill allegedly slapped a man—a worker at Haulover Marina—in back of the head, apparently after the man told members from Hill’s group to get off a boat they went on without permission.
  • According to NBC 6 South Florida, Hill then charged toward the man but was held back by members from his group.
  • There is said to be video footage of the incident. The man reportedly intends to press charges.
  • Again, this incident is currently alleged, but Hill has a history of troubling off-field behavior.
  • If the allegation is true, it’s a terrible look—a powerful person like Hill thinking it’s OK to assault someone trying to do his job.






🩼 Jets safety Chuck Clark confirmed to have torn ACL during offseason training.


  • Clark, who had a career-high 101 tackles last season, was acquired from the Ravens for a seventh-round pick this offseason after six seasons in Baltimore.
  • This explains the Jets’ recent signing of former Packers safety Adrian Amos, the latest Green Bay addition joining Aaron Rodgers in New York.




🐦‍⬛ Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith thinks Baltimore is in for “something special” this season.


  • Smith was on the Ravens’ The Lounge podcast and said for himself, “personally, I think it’s going to be probably my best year, at least the way I feel physically and mentally.”
  • Despite being traded from the Bears during last season, the former Georgia Bulldog played outstanding in Baltimore’s defense and went on to earn All-Pro honors.
  • He signed a five-year, $100 million contract to become the highest-paid off-ball linebacker in NFL history.
  • Smith added: “We want all the smoke, honestly. There’s a lot of payback that we have out there. We’ll get to it when we get to it, one week at a time.”
  • In a stacked AFC, the Ravens will be a very intriguing team with a defense led by Smith and a new expanded offense on the other side of the ball.




🏁 Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment invests in Joe Gibbs Racing, with Gibbs becoming a partner in HBSE.


  • Gibbs is of course the Hall of Fame coach that won three Super Bowls for the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins.
  • Josh Harris—with David Blitzer as a partner—has agreed to purchase the Washington NFL franchise.
  • At the very least, this should in some ways build goodwill from Washington fans—but HBSE might have purchased a stake in Joe Gibbs racing regardless of the Commanders deal.
  • Gibbs has also reportedly been advising during the purchase of the NFL franchise.





🐏 Rams bring back running back Sony Michel.


  • Michel spent last training camp with the Dolphins before he was released on August 29; he then signed with the Chargers but only appeared sparingly in ten games.
  • Now, the two-time Super Bowl champion runner (who scored the go-ahead and only touchdown in Super Bowl LIII versus the Rams when he was a member of the Patriots) returns to the LA team he led in rushing during their 2021 Super Bowl campaign.
  • Rams head coach Sean McVay has been consistent since the end of last season about wanting starting running back Cam Akers to be a huge part of the offense in 2023, recently calling him a “central figure” in his attack.
  • However, it’ll be nice to have additional veteran depth at the position with Michel, someone they arguably wouldn’t have won it all without a couple of seasons ago given the impact he made as a downhill runner.





🦁 Lions unveil alternate blue helmets.


  • The Honolulu blue helmets utilize the franchise’s Ford Mustang-inspired 1960s logo.
  • They are set to wear the helmets twice this season: In Week 8 against the Raiders and in Week 18 against the Vikings.




🙏🏻 Legendary cornerback Deion Sanders underwent surgery to remove blood clots.


  • “Primetime” has previously had two toes amputated due to blood clots.
  • There was talk that he might need his foot amputated, but this surgery is meant to improve blood flow and avoid that.
  • Deion put out a video before surgery thanking people for their prayers, love, and support; and promising, “I ain’t going nowhere.”
  • Sanders is set for a highly anticipated first season as the head coach at Colorado after a very successful three years at Jackson State.




Other Sports Updates


🤕 Yankees reigning AL MVP Aaron Judge has a torn ligament in his toe, with an unclear timetable for return.



😑 Reporter Shams Charania, who has a partnership with the betting company FanDuel, is under fire for moving the betting markets—raising further questions about sports betting arguably getting completely out of hand in the United States.



⚾️ Major League Baseball will play at Rickwood Field—former home of the Negro League’s Birmingham Black Barons—for a matchup between the Cardinals and Giants on June 20, 2024.



🇬🇧 MLB in London: Cubs split against the Cardinals, while the Mets and Phillies were announced as the 2024 participants.




💰 Details about Lionel Messi’s contract with Inter Miami CF revealed.



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