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‘College Football 25’ Dynasty Details Revealed

We are just two weeks away from the early release of College Football 25, and the news we have been waiting for has arrived with information on Dynasty Mode. The basics can be found in the video below:




There is also an extremely length and detailed deep dive blog, but it’s clear EA has made Dynasty Mode the focus of College Football 25—from coach progression (compared to a traditional RPG) to in-depth recruiting… and much more.


Realism also seems to be a priority, and although you can immediately jump in and be the head coach at Alabama if you choose, we expect many will want to begin their Dynasty Mode journey as a coordinator at a lower-tier school and work their way up the ranks.


For those who played NCAA Football 14 back in the day, the experience feels very similar to that—except way more in-depth with things like the ability to DM recruits, telling a player it might be best if they transferred, and dynamic branding changes if a school switches conferences (for example, TCU’s uniforms would have SEC patches rather than Big 12 patches if you decide to re-align the conferences).


The blog is worth reading in its entirety to get full details on Dynasty Mode, and the video and this article are just scratching the surface.


‘College Football 25’ releases on July 19, and you can pre-order the game for early access here.