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Features We’d Like To See From NFL+ To Improve The All-22 Experience

The NFL’s streaming service NFL+ offers access to live and on-demand NFL games, every preseason game, original shows, and more. One of the most popular features of NFL+ is the All-22 Coaches Film, which allows users to watch plays from a bird’s-eye view, showing every player on offense and defense at all times from the press box and endzone angles. This feature is invaluable for fans who want to analyze the game in depth, learn more about the best coaches and players, and see the game from a different perspective than you see on television.


However, as great as the All-22 Coaches Film is, there are obvious features NFL+ can consider implementing to improve the user experience. These are some features that NFL+ should implement to make viewing the All-22 Coaches Film more seamless and customizable for users:


Drawing tools

An easy feature that NFL+ should introduce to the All-22 Coaches Film is drawing tools. Drawing tools would enable users to annotate and highlight parts of the video with lines, shapes, arrows, or text. For example, users could draw routes, coverages, gaps, or assignments on the screen to illustrate their analysis or commentary. They could also use drawing tools to point out key players, movements, or moments in a play. Drawing tools would enhance the interactivity and creativity of the All-22 Coaches Film experience and allow users to share their insights and opinions with others online.


Play-finder feature

NFL+ really needs to add this one, as it used to be possible to find plays much easier than it is now. This feature would allow users to search for and watch any play that meets their criteria, such as distance, player, week, or team. For example, users could search for all the plays of 15+ yards by Derrick Henry from Weeks 12-18 and see how he dominated down the stretch. Or they could search for all the interceptions by Trevon Diggs in the 2021 season and see how he got his hands on the ball so many times. The play-finder feature would make it easier and faster for users to find and enjoy the plays they want to see, without having to scroll and click through, wasting a lot of time.


Even more camera angles

Currently, the All-22 Coaches Film does offer the two traditional all-22 angles of the sideline and endzone. While these angles provide a comprehensive view of the field, perhaps we can get even more angles down the line. It’s not for everyone, but the SkyCam could give a more intimate angle to situations, particularly on run plays. With customization in mind—and, again, realizing the SkyCam is not for everyone—more options would allow users to switch between different angles and potentially get a better understanding of the play design, execution, and outcome.


Audio options

A final feature that NFL+ should offer for replaying games is audio options while watching the all-22. Audio options would allow users to choose between different audio tracks for the video playback. For example, instead of silence, users could choose to listen to the original broadcast audio, which includes commentary from announcers and analysts. Audio options would add more variety and flavor to the All-22 Coaches Film experience and cater to different tastes and preferences of users while trying to learn more about the game.