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How ‘College Football 25’ Should Be Different From ‘Madden’

EA Sports is bringing back its beloved college football series after a long hiatus, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of College Football 25 this summer. The game promises to deliver an authentic and immersive experience of the sport, with all 134 FBS teams, realistic environments, and a new playoff format. But can it also surpass the quality and innovation of its NFL counterpart, the Madden series, which has been criticized for its lack of improvement over the years?


The talk is that this is not at all a “Madden clone” despite being developed on the same engine. Here are some gameplay features we should see in College Football 25 that can make it superior to the disappointing Madden series:


Dynasty mode

Dynasty mode, where players can take control of their favorite team and lead them to glory over multiple seasons, is officially back. As it did in NCAA Football, Dynasty should offer a deep and engaging experience, with features such as recruiting, coaching staff, player development, conference realignment, and custom schedules. Dynasty mode should also have a robust user interface, with easy access to stats, rankings, awards, and news. No doubt, this should be the core of College Football 25, hopefully far outpacing Madden’s Franchise mode.


Road to Glory mode

Another fan-favorite mode is Road to Glory, where players can create their own custom athlete and follow their journey from high school to college and beyond. Road to Glory mode should allow players to customize their appearance, attributes, skills, and play style, and choose from a variety of positions and archetypes. Madden’s Superstar mode offered storylines, with choices and consequences that affect the player’s career and relationships; however, CFB 25 fans might prefer a throwback style of Road to Glory, where it’s about gameplay and winning (both as a team and individual accolades) more so than cutscenes.


Ultimate Team mode

Ultimate Team mode is a staple of EA Sports games, where players can collect and upgrade cards of their favorite players and build their dream team. It’ll be in the game, but let’s hope it’s not too big of a focus, especially at the expense of other game modes. Ultimate Team mode should also have a diverse and updated roster of players, with legends, rookies, and special edition cards.


Gameplay mechanics

The gameplay mechanics of College Football 25 should be smooth and responsive, with realistic physics, animations, and collisions. The gameplay mechanics should also reflect the differences and nuances of college football, such as the option offense, the spread offense, the hurry-up offense—with each school arguably having a more unique playstyle feel than the NFL game. Fans should also have a variety of options and settings, such as difficulty, sliders, camera angles, and controls. The gameplay mechanics should be more polished and authentic than the buggy and inconsistent gameplay mechanics in Madden.


Presentation and atmosphere

The presentation and atmosphere of College Football 25 sounds like it will be vibrant and immersive, with stunning graphics, sound, and commentary. The presentation and atmosphere should also capture the unique culture and passion of college football, with features such as mascots, cheerleaders, bands, chants, traditions, rivalries, and trophies. The former NCAA Football series did a nice job with it, and the return should also have a dynamic and adaptive system, with factors such as weather, time of day, crowd noise, and momentum affecting the game, both in Dynasty and Road to Glory.


These are some of the gameplay features we want to see in College Football 25 that make it superior to EA’s professional football offering. We hope that EA Sports delivers on its promise and gives us a college football game that we can enjoy and cherish as the spiritual successor to NCAA Football.