To Our Readers,

Thank you for reading. We hope to deliver articles that you will all enjoy. We intend to deliver all the latest headlines, original content, up-to-the-minute fantasy football player news and analysis, with other news and thoughts; not just the world of sports, but also with some entertainment content sprinkled in.


First of all, we need to start by saying that our writers are not experts. We are not going to act like we know everything. Too many times, we see and hear people that think they know more than professional athletes and coaches. Sure, there are a couple of head case players that may have been able to play on talent alone, but about 99% of professional athletes and coaches have knowledge that far exceeds ours. We know nothing compared to them.


It angers us when people sit up on television and ‘hate’ on players and coaches. Many media members are quick to criticize before looking in the mirror. What gives them the right to say some of the things they say about professionals at the top level of their craft? It seems as though they need to criticize to make them feel better about themselves.


One of the only reasons we would criticize an athlete or coach would be if they showed an obvious lack of effort or did outrageous, immature acts. If they are trying to be the best they can be, there is no legitimate reason to criticize them — we simply have no right to do so.


So, if you like watching two fools yelling at each other on television, this site might not be for you.


We will never use “anonymous sources” to gain attention. When you click on an article on our site, you will not get a slideshow; you will get an actual article. We won’t call professional athletes “scrubs” or “soft.”


This site is for people that are able to form their own opinions, not people that hear whatever is said on television and take it as gospel. It’s easy to repeat what you hear others say. It’s a lot harder to open your mind and form your own opinions — but it also makes you more informed and more aware.


We hope Wolf Sports can be your #1 go to place for all the latest news in sports. Every morning, or evening, or night (or just all throughout the day), hopefully you will come to us when surfing the web. We will do our best to deliver up-to-the-minute news and headlines, and hope that you will stay for our original content.


Thank you.


Wolf Sports

(Original message published at our 2016 launch)