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2018 Emmy Nominations: Who Was Snubbed?

The 2018 Emmy nominees have all been announced. In a surprise, Netflix leads the field with 112 nominations, taking the crown from television king HBO, who had led the nominations for the last 18 years. A mind-boggling number of series for the streaming service has paid off with the 112 nominations.


The usual suspects like HBO’s Game of Thrones, who didn’t make the cut for last year’s Emmys because of the Season 6 air date, received a number of nods. Thrones’ 22 nominations lead all shows, which has come to be expected for the once-in-a-lifetime fantasy series. But, as always, nominations are not perfect. So, who was snubbed from the 2018 Emmys?


Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington (Game of Thrones)

In past years, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington have been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress and Outstanding Supporting Actor for their roles as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. However, HBO put them up for Lead Actress and Lead Actor this year as their roles were squarely in the forefront in Game of Thrones’ penultimate season, and neither received a nod. They’re both great actors, and it’s difficult to picture anyone else doing as well as Clarke and Harington have in their roles. They should have at least been nominated.



Perhaps not many people consider Showtimes’ Billions close to the best show on television, but it was completely shut out of Emmy nominations. The chief actors in particular deserved some recognition if the series as a whole wasn’t going to get any. Similar shows like Better Call Saul were not eligible to get nominated, but it still didn’t help Billions.


Al Pacino (Paterno)

HBO’s original movie Paterno wasn’t perfect, but the great Al Pacino transformed into the legendary Penn State football coach and delivered an exceptional performance. It’s a shame Pacino didn’t receive a nod.



One of the highest-rated shows in recent memory didn’t get an Emmy nomination, but it probably has to do with the controversy cause by its star. I understand why they didn’t want to put the controversy aside, but the show was very popular.


Noah Emmerich (The Americans)

Thankfully, the final season of FX’s The Americans has Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys getting nominated for leading roles (which I believe they should both win); but Noah Emmerich was snubbed from a supporting nominee. Emmerich was amazing as Agent Stan Beeman, including one of the best scenes you’ll see in the series finale.


Twin Peaks: The Return

Those defending Twin Peaks might be going a bit overboard by calling it the best series in recent memory, but it’s certainly no stretch to consider it an obvious snub from the limited series category. Twin Peaks was especially impressive because it was a continuation with characters from the series 25 years ago, which is amazing. Leaving the show out of the limited series nominees is just wrong.


Kyle MacLachlan, Naomi Watts, and Laura Dern (Twin Peaks)

If you weren’t into Dougie Jones, I understand why you might not be that high on Kyle MacLachlan on an Emmy nominee for Twin Peaks; however, a lot of people loved his performance as a whole. Naomi Watts was really good in every scene she appeared in, and I thought she’d get nominated. And Laura Dern had a tough task playing one of the series’ most mysterious characters—which is saying something.


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