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Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Super Bowl Sunday is just a couple days away. Fans will smile, cry, laugh, yell, and debate all around the world… and that’s just talking about the commercials. Seriously, though, a good amount of people tune into the Big Game solely for the commercials, and while they’ve decreased in quality over the past couple years, there should still be some really good ones. Here are the best spots from previous years that Super Bowl LII’s group will have to live up to.


Doritos – “Hands off”


Ram Trucks – “Farmer”


McDonald’s – Larry Bird v. Michael Jordan


Budweiser – “Lost dog” (Note: same commercial plays twice in video)


Snickers – Betty White


Doritos – “Time Machine”


Pepsi – Coke v. Pepsi


Volkswagen – “The Force”


Coca-Cola – Mean Joe Green


Hyundai – “First Date”


Budweiser – “Clydesdale Team”


Doritos – “Middle Seat”


Apple – “1984”


Budweiser – “Friends are waiting”


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