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Comic-Con 2017: Movie And TV Info And Trailers

As always, Comic-Con in San Diego delivered many great things fans love to see. Going to the event obviously gives unique access to stuff you cannot otherwise do if not there—like special previews and the ability to sit on the Iron Throne; but even those that didn’t attend get exciting information and trailers. We’ve gathered several of the best of them right here.


Ben Affleck is staying as Batman

Affleck shut down the apparent fake news about him not playing Batman after Justice League, saying he is the “luckiest guy in the world” because he gets to play the iconic part. It’s great to hear, because Affleck is a great Bruce Wayne/Batman.


Wonder Woman 2

It was officially announced there will be a sequel to Wonder Woman. This comes as no surprise, as the hit movie starring Gal Gadot killed it at the box office and with critics, but it’s worth getting excited for. The title is unclear (it could just be “Wonder Woman 2”), though the film is expected to release in 2020 as DC has two unnamed movies scheduled to release then.


Justice League

Speaking of Wonder Woman, she is featured as one of the five main heroes in the Justice League trailer released at Comic-Con.



Thor: Ragnarok

DC can’t have all the fun. Thor and the Hulk, two of Marvel’s most powerful heroes, team up in the trailer for the newest Thor movie.



The Flash movie is titled Flashpoint

Named after the 2011 comic, Flashpoint could be set in the past, which could really shake up the DC Universe. As indicated by the man himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Laura Cohan (who played Thomas and Martha Wayne in Batman v. Superman) look like they’ll be in the film.


Captain Marvel information

Captain Marvel, which stars Brie Larson, is set before the rest of the Marvel movies (before the first Iron Man). It’ll be interesting to see where they take it as it’s set in the past.


Game of Thrones trailer

HBO gave a look ahead at the coming weeks for Game of Thrones. Obviously do not watch if you aren’t caught up in the series. And it does slightly spoil some small parts (like Daenerys’ surprise visitor in this week’s episode).



Westworld Season 2

HBO’s current second-biggest hit had a preview of its own at Comic-Con for the second season of the show, which is arriving in 2018.



Stranger Things trailer

Netflix’s hit Stranger Things delivered a thrilling trailer to hype its upcoming second season.



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