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Fall Television: What To Watch Now That Summer Is Over

Television has quickly become the favorite pastime of many people in the United States and around the world. From premium channels like HBO and Showtime, to network television like FOX and NBC, to other services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, there are more than enough television shows to watch. That said, many people are looking for something to watch with their favorite summer show—whether it be Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, or something else—to watch each week. We’re going through some of the top shows to watch this fall now that some of the summer shows are done. [NOTE: This list does not include past shows such as HBO’s The Wire or The Sopranos.]


The Deuce (HBO) | Currently airing

If you’re a fan of HBO shows like The Wire, The Deuce might be another great one. James Franco stars in two roles in the show, while Academy Award nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal stars in the other lead role. Creators George Pelecanos and David Simon of The Wire should help make this new series an instant hit.


South Park (Comedy Central) | First episode: Wednesday, 9/13

When it comes to South Park, you either like it or you don’t. The long-standing comedy has managed to stay fresh over the years, but they’re going to get back to their roots for the 21st season.


Vice Principals (HBO) | First episode: Sunday, 9/17

Comedies might not get much better than South Park, but HBO knows how to get it done. Vice Principals stars Danny McBride and Walton Goggins, a great combo sure to deliver some laughs.


Gotham (FOX) | First episode: Thursday, 9/21

The FOX series focusing on the early years of Bruce Wayne is entering its fourth season. While things might get a little outrageous on the show, it’s still better than most network television shows.


This Is Us (NBC) | First episode: Tuesday, 9/26

This Is Us was a hit after its first season last year, and it’s looking to build on that in Season 2. Fans of the show are huge fans of it, which shows the show is of quality.


Modern Family (ABC) | First episode: Wednesday, 9/27

Modern Family is more of a comedy, but it also has a loyal following of fans that love to watch. The show is entering its ninth season.


Empire (FOX) | First episode: Wednesday, 9/27

Surprisingly, Empire is entering its fourth season already. It helps anchor FOX’s fall television schedule.


Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) | First episode: Thursday, 9/28

The classic romance drama will be 14 seasons in come the end of September. It’s become a sensation that’ll be remembered even when it’s off the air, which might not be for a bit.


Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) | First Episode: Sunday, 10/1

The Larry David comedy hit is back after a six-year hiatus, and fans are excited. The touch was hopefully (and probably not) lost since 2011.


The Gifted (FOX) | First episode: Monday, 10/2

FOX is looking to capitalize on the hero/comic popularity with The Gifted. The commercial/preview for the show makes it look worth a watch.


Mr. Robot (USA) | First episode: Wednesday, 10/11

In terms of fall television, there might not be a better show on than USA Network’s Mr. Robot. Entering season three, there’s a lot of intrigue about the direction the hit show heads.


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