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Fargo Review: ‘The Law of Inevitability’

This article contains SPOILERS for Season 3 of Fargo. You have been warned.


Last night’s episode of Fargo, “The Law of Inevitability,” dealt with the aftermath of the death of Raymond Stussy at the end of last week’s episode. “The Law of Inevitability” starts with Varga (like a complete nut job) opening the Christmas presents in Emmit’s house…with a switchblade. It’s Christmas Eve.


Then it cuts to Gloria already at Ray’s house, discovering that Ray has been killed. Admittedly, I thought the end of last episode—when Gloria decided to turn around and head to Ray’s house—would set up some fireworks between her and Varga and/or Yuri. But they were long gone by the time Gloria arrived.


Emmit was also long gone, arriving to dinner with Sy and Ruby Goldfarb, the rich widow looking to buy out his company. He doesn’t handle it too well, talking off-the-cuff and having blood on his shirt—did he even use the back door? Things get worse when Officer Lopez shows up to dinner. It was hilarious how Emmit totally zoned out, paying no attention to Ruby, then walks over when Sy signals to him and blurts out: “I’ve been here since six!”


After some more fumbling around with words and probably making things worse, Sy says he needs to take his friend home. However, Officer Lopez heads over to Ruby, no doubt to ask her questions. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether Ruby answered truthfully, or if she wants to preserve the potential buy-out and not answer.


Emmit is alone—well, not physically, as Varga is waiting at his house when Sy drops him off. As Varga tells him a creepy story, Emmit has tears in his eyes. Sy, meanwhile, returns home to his wife and is completely broken. He just stands there, letting his wife take off his coat and jacket, then cries. Sy tells his wife, who asks what’s wrong, “the world. The world is wrong. It looks like my world, but everything’s different.” Varga and his crew have fully upended the lives of Emmit and Sy, and there’s not much they can do about it.


As for Nikki, she’s lucky Gloria was snooping around trying to question her. Who was that fake cop that tried to inject/kill Nikki? That’s not clear, but the most likely explanation is he was sent by Varga. However, it seemed like Nikki might have known the guy.


Nikki tells Gloria and company to “follow the money,” but that’s all she’ll say. I’m not sure why Nikki wouldn’t help more (maybe she doesn’t want to be a snitch?), but she’s headed to the state penitentiary after Gloria promises to bring her pie after the holiday.


Then we see a familiar face on the prison bus—Mr. Wrench. In season one, Lorne Malvo let Mr. Wrench live, probably because he respected Wrench and Mr. Numbers for actually getting close to killing him. It’s probably been hard for Mr. Wrench to be without his sign language translator and crime partner Mr. Numbers over these few years, though.


It’s unclear whether Mr. Wrench was just an Easter egg, or if he will be a key part to the rest of the season. Nikki’s fate is also murky. One would think it should be assumed Yuri will kill her when he cuts through the lock, but weirder things have happened. Maybe Mr. Wrench—who we don’t exactly see after the bus crash—has crossed paths with Varga and his henchmen over the years and wants to settle some beef.


Overall, there wasn’t massive progress in episode seven, but there’s a lot to think about heading into the final three episodes of the season.

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