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‘Hard Knocks: The Dallas Cowboys’ Episode 2 Superlatives

Best moment: Azur Kamara’s family watches him play

Kamara was on the Dallas practice squad as an undrafted free agent last year, but with no preseason, his family obviously didn’t get to see him play. That changed for a game in Arizona, as the family of Ivory Coast refugees—after escaping years of a civil war—saw Azur in action where he shined in the second half, and his mother was smiling all throughout the moment.


Worst moment: Fight with the Rams

Not getting more of an in-depth look at the fight started between guard Connor Williams and All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald was a disappointment, but that makes me believe that the NFL didn’t want to put a spotlight on Donald again potentially stepping over the line (he looked to be the instigator with Williams reacting by whipping him down). It was funny to see Dak Prescott pump up his offensive line afterwards, though, and not backing down should be beneficial to the team’s toughness.


Funniest moment: Aden Durde being the reverse Ted Lasso

Even before a reporter asked Durde—the Dallas defensive line coach—if he’s seen Ted Lasso, that was the first thought that popped into my head when he started to be featured. Essentially, the position coach is the Bizarro version of Lasso as a British guy coaching in America, including his use of expletives, and various players tried to impersonate his accent (some more successfully than others).


Underrated moment: La’el Collins and Dak Prescott talk college rivalry

This could have been the funniest moment, but I’m slipping it into underrated with some maybe even tuning out since it was a credits scene. Collins and Prescott—with Ezekiel Elliott as a spectator—were debating in the training room about LSU versus Mississippi State, and Collins was poking fun at his quarterback for only getting one victory against his alma mater and crying over it.


Best quote: Jerry Jones

“I look at him and he looks like he’s from Arkansas. I listen to him and he sounds like Winston Churchill.”


MVP: Azur Kamara

While the game-winning sack that turned out to not be (due to a false start by the Cardinals) definitely hurt, Kamara still showed well in the game, and he’s now a player everyone will be rooting for to fight his way onto the 53-man roster. I’ve watched enough Hard Knocks over the years to know he faces long odds, but Kamara at least had his moment as the star of Episode 2.

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