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The Top Movies Hitting Theaters December 2018

Summer blockbusters are still a thing, but December has become the most popular movie month of the year. Take the new Star Wars trilogy for example; after the previous six films were released in May, the final three of the Skywalker saga have December releases. December 2018 has a strong selection of new movies hitting theaters. This list doesn’t include November releases like Bohemian RhapsodyFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Green Book, and Creed II, all of which are still in theaters.


Mary Queen of Scots (December 7)


Headlined by Academy Award nominees Margot Robbie (Queen Elizabeth I) and Saoirse Ronan (Mary, Queen of Scots), Mary Queen of Scots chronicles one of the most interesting events in world history. The differences between the two queens should be smartly depicted in the film, which should be one of the year’s best despite talk of historical inaccuracies.



Aquaman (December 14)


Scary-movie master James Wan is directing Aquaman, which might have had some people concerned; but it looks like he created a hit in a DC movie universe that’s in flux. Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Nicole Kidman make up a strong cast with a theme and plot that looks to have stability despite coming off perhaps the worst movie of the DCEU, Justice League.



The Mule (December 14)


The legendary Clint Eastwood hasn’t directed and starred in the lead role in a decade (2008’s Gran Torino), so there’s a chance this is the last time he does it. The trailer for The Mule is already chill-inducing enough, and the superb cast including Bradley Cooper could help it be the best movie of the year.



Mary Poppins Returns (December 18)


54 years between sequels is quite historic, so many people will flock to see Mary Poppins Returns. The Emily Blunt-starred film has a lot to live up to as the sequel to the Walt Disney classic, but the early reviews are extremely positive.



Bumblebee (December 21)


As a sort of an anti-Mary Poppins, there have been many Transformers movies. There has always been talk about a standalone film for Sam’s yellow Autobot from the 2007 blockbuster, and Bumblebee is finally here. Bumblebee looks to have some heart to it, which is an obvious plus.



Holmes & Watson (December 25)


Fans of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly aren’t going to need much convincing to see Holmes & Watson. The two created comedy classics in Talladega Nights and Step Brothers, and there’s probably an appetite for another hysterical movie from them after going without one for a decade. Some serious Sherlock Holmes fans might be unhappy with the premise of the film, but this looks funny. [Trailer NSFW.]



Vice (December 25)


Christian Bale is one of the greatest actors of all-time, so to see him play former Vice President Dick Cheney—and go through yet another body transformation—is pretty amazing. He looks like Cheney, and his acting skills are undeniably top-notch—another Oscar could be headed his way. Directed by Adam McKay, Vice should have plenty of comedic elements to it along with seriousness, and the film’s all-star cast led by Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carrell, and Sam Rockwell among others should be superb.



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