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Katalin Vermes/Netflix

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Most Popular Shows On Netflix

Netflix announced yesterday they are rolling out top ten lists—both overall combined and individually for shows and movies—to show users the most popular things on the streaming giant every day. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday focuses on Netflix’s top television series, taking into account quality along with estimating overall popularity on the platform. The People v. O.J. Simpson (and American Crime Story as a whole) definitely deserves an honorable mention for the way it portrayed the surreal trial of the century, and Narcos (the primary series ending after just three seasons) and Star Trek: The Next Generation are two other shows that the missed the list of ten.


10. The Crown


Photo courtesy: Robert Viglasky/Netflix


Documenting real-life events while presenting it as a television series—with exceptional writing and acting—makes The Crown powerful drama. The Netflix original should be a top draw—for both actors that want to be a part of the series and for fans that can’t wait to watch—as long as it moves forward with new seasons.


9. Ozark


Photo courtesy: Netflix


When it releases Season 3 next month, Ozark will likely shoot to near or at the top of the most popular shows on Netflix. The Jason Batemen-led crime drama is gritty, realistic, and intense.


8. The Witcher


Photo courtesy: Katalin Vermes/Netflix


The Witcher has a chance to be Netflix’s most popular original series considering the budget they’ve put into it. However, the fantasy series likely won’t be back on the air until 2021.


7. House of Cards


Photo courtesy: Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix


House of Cards might be the most important show in Netflix’s history, as there was a massive increase in subscribers during its reign. The series was not without controversy involving star Kevin Spacey, who was booted off the show, and it has been off the air since 2018, but No. 7 is about right.


6. Stranger Things


Photo courtesy: Netflix


The quality aspect of Stranger Things keeps it down at No. 6, as things are getting a bit outlandish with the plot and characters heading into Season 4. In terms of solely popularity, especially on social media, the 1980s-based series would be a lock for the top three.


5. Better Call Saul


Photo courtesy: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures


The downside to Better Call Saul is that the seasons arrive on Netflix at least several months after they air on AMC, but it’s top-ten in the United States today after Season 4 recently became available. There arguably isn’t another current show that tops Better Call Saul’s caliber.


4. The Office


Photo courtesy: NBC


Especially with Friends out of the picture since the start of 2020, The Office probably dominates among Netflix users that just want to get a laugh or have something on in the background when they flip on the television while doing something else. The characters are hilarious, and the rewatchability factor keeps The Office among the most popular shows.


3. Peaky Blinders


Photo courtesy: Robert Viglasky/Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd.


Peaky Blinders has had a very strong five-season run, and a loyal fanbase with strong viewership has helped it stay on the air for BBC since 2013. It’s another series that’ll shoot up to around No. 1 whenever new seasons are out.


2. The Twilight Zone


Photo courtesy: CBS


It will be interesting to see where an old show like The Twilight Zone lands among Netflix’s most popular on a daily basis, but the milestone sci-fi series created by Rod Serling is basically a must-watch for television fans while offering life lessons and provoking deep thought for society overall.


1. Breaking Bad


Photo courtesy: Ursula Coyote/AMC


With an excellent case to be on the Mount Rushmore of television, Breaking Bad should consistently be one of the top shows on Netflix in terms of popularity. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are headliners in one of the greatest cast of characters in history, and you can watch the rise of Heisenberg in 4K Ultra HD, which wasn’t the case when the series first aired on cable television.


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