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Top Ten Tuesday: Biggest Things To Look Forward To In 2019

The new year is here, and this January 1st Top Ten Tuesday goes over ten of the biggest things to look forward to in 2019.


10. New streaming services

Now, depending on whether or not you want to actually spend more money on a streaming service, this might not be a good thing at all. Disney content is being moved off Netflix as the company launches its own streaming service this year, while WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner) is launching a streaming service of their own headlined by HBO shows and Warner Bros. films. However, more selection is what many people, including cable “cord cutters”, have wanted, and more competition could lead to lower prices.


9. Mueller Report

I don’t want to get political, but for those in the news (or fake news, depending on your perspective) business especially, the Mueller Report will deliver days and weeks of coverage, which is good news for FOX News, CNN, etc. And for most of the 300+ million people in the United States, it’ll be interesting—even if you believe the situation is totally biased or a witch hunt. Also, some just want the situation to be over and done with, so the Mueller Report is something to look forward to in 2019.


8. Foldable and rollable phones

Samsung is set to release its Samsung Galaxy X smartphone, which will apparently be able to fold open into a tablet; while LG could have a rollable phone where the screen can roll all the way up to fit in pockets almost like a key. Both companies might also release rollable televisions—which some might call a gimmick, but it’s still cool technology. Don’t sleep on 8K televisions for consumers either, though 8K content is probably a long way away.


7. Total solar eclipse

The Great American Eclipse happened in 2017, and 2019 will deliver another total solar eclipse—this time in South America. The majority of the world, and Americans (unless they want to make a trip to South America), won’t be able to see this eclipse, but it’s still an extraordinary event that many will look forward to on July 2, 2019.


6. Superhero movies

Wonder Woman 2 was pushed back to 2020, but there are a ton of superhero movies to look forward to in the new year. Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Shazam, and Dark Phoenix lead the way, but M. Night Shyamalan’s original superhero film Glass (a sequel to Unbreakable and Split) should be great, too.


5. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

With so many star actors and helmed by one of the world’s best directors, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood will be an event of its own in the movie world this summer. Headlined by a stunningly-stacked cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and Al Pacino and directed by Quentin Tarantino, the 1969-set film has the potential to be an instant classic.


4. More movies

2019 is a big year for movies, and a couple don’t belong in the superhero genre or with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Toy Story 4 sounds like it’s going to be tough to watch without shedding tears, as Tom Hanks said the ending is “a moment in history” and Tim Allen said it’s a “serious tear-jerker” that they couldn’t even get through while recording the final scene. While The Last Jedi was disappointing for basically everyone except for film critics, the final chapter in the Skywalker saga (directed by J.J. Abrams this time), the unnamed Star Wars: Episode IX, will release in December. There’s also The Lion King, The LEGO Movie 2, and Dumbo, among others.


3. 5G Networks

5G is so high on the list because it’s supposedly going to change the way things are in a big way. It could be mostly hype in terms of a big 2019 rollout, but it’ll be available for at least some people to use in everyday life, so we’ll get a glimpse of its potency. If 5G is indeed super powerful and helps make connecting to Wi-Fi almost unnecessary, 5G phones, tablets, and even laptops are going to sell big.


2. 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

It might not be the Olympics, but the 2019 World Cup in France is great because it brings many of the world’s countries together for a month in the summer—and it’s great for Americans because the women’s team is awesome and is the favorite to win again, and the country loves a winner. The event should bring the United States together, which is needed, with everyone pulling for another gold.


1. The end of Game of Thrones

There was no Game of Thrones in 2018, but the final season of HBO’s epic series begins this April. Season 8 of Game of Thrones is the biggest thing to look forward to in 2019 because the show is a true world phenomenon—things are going to hit a fever pitch, and GoT is regarded by many as the greatest television series of all-time.


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