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Who Should Play The Lead In A Standalone Joker Film?

It’s been about a couple months since news broke of a potential Joker origin film that would have legendary director Martin Scorsese on as a producer. Scorsese is no lock and nothing is official with the Joker origin film, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. wants Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio to play The Clown Prince of Crime. Jared Leto, who didn’t get enough time in Suicide Squad, is an undeniably great actor received unfair criticism at a time where hating on WB movies seems like the thing to do nowadays. While DiCaprio might not happen, the idea of a standalone Joker movie is certainly intriguing, and here are a few actors that could be suited for the part.


Bill Skarsgard

After his performance as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in It, Skarsgard has the big box-office success to his name, has played a terrorizing character in some ways similar to the Joker, and has a relationship with Warner Bros. And at 6’4”, Skarsgard would fit the profile of a tall Joker.


James Franco

Through the years, the 39-year-old James Franco has had superb parts and become a household name in acting. But he’s never had a huge part he’s become completely known for—that could change if he played the Joker. Apparently Franco is having a mid-life crisis of sorts, so maybe he’ll want to do something crazy like play one of the greatest villains of all-time.


Crispin Glover

Not really an A-lister or favorite for huge roles like the iconic Batman villain, Crispin Glover has still been a long-time choice for many fans of his work. As his IMBD page describes, “His unusual characters and personal projects have inspired a cult-like following that has dubbed him both madman and genius.” Sounds like a fit.


Michael C. Hall

While he was the star of hit series Dexter (he played a serial killer, so), Michael C. Hall is also someone that might not fit what Warner Bros. is looking for in a likely high-budget film that might want to cast a lead that’s had multiple hits. He does have a relative relationship with Time Warner, though, as he was in HBO’s Six Feet Under (Warner Bros. and HBO are both a part of Time Warner).


Cameron Monaghan

Known most for his role in Showtime’s Shameless, Cameron Monaghan is the youngest on this list of potential jokers, but he has experience playing the role on the small screen. In the FOX series Gotham, Monaghan delivered a highly-praised performance as a younger Joker. Most would probably be on board with Monaghan after seeing him in Gotham.


Willem Dafoe

He’s already in the upcoming Justice League, but I mean…








And it’s not like the Oscar nominated American can’t act.



Leonardo DiCaprio

And finally, why not Leonardo DiCaprio? We’ve seen actors get paid a ton of money for roles in the superhero genre, and it’s not like iconic actors haven’t played Joker in the past. The ideal standalone Joker film would have Scorsese playing a big role as a producer, with his most frequent recent collaborator as the lead.


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