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YouTube Series ‘Cobra Kai’ Renews ‘Karate Kid’ Rivalry

Anyone that isn’t a Generation Z probably saw Karate Kid at least once. The 1984 classic starring Ralph Macchio as bullied teenager Daniel Larusso and Pat Morita as the wise karate master Mr. Miyagi was one of those classic movies from the ‘80s that just stuck with mostly everyone that saw it. The original movie was sort of like a younger, more teen-focused version of the Rocky films, with Larusso being an underdog that goes up against the mighty Cobra Kai dojo—led by antagonist John Kreese and his main apprentice Johnny Lawrence.


34 years later, and the rivalry of Larusso and Lawrence is being renewed, by YouTube. “First-Ever Footage” of YouTube Red’s original series, Cobra Kai, is here:



It appears Johnny has followed in the footsteps of John Kreese, while Daniel has the easier demeanor of Mr. Miyagi, so they are natural adversaries like the two sides were over three decades ago. The sneak peak just says “coming soon,” and YouTube is probably going to want to build more hype around the series before it’s launched. After digging into it some, the Twitter page for the series was created just last month, so there still could be months away from episodes being released.


Can the classic stand the test of time in a way that allows a television series works? Good luck getting anyone born this millennium to watch it, but some of people that loved the original Karate Kid movies could be all in with this.


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