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ESPN Fantasy Football Detailed League Histories Are Safe

[UPDATE 8/26/20: ESPN appears to have lied about the situation, deciding to string along users. Detailed league history will apparently not be returning. We will have an article on the situation in the coming days. If you want to help Wolf Sports potentially build a season-long fantasy football hosting site, consider subscribing to Fantasy Consigliere.]


Those that have played ESPN Fantasy Football for more than one season might have had an unpleasant surprise when activating their leagues for 2019, as league histories were apparently wiped out for every year except 2018. Many league commissioners that didn’t manually record their league history—which is a time-consuming task and shouldn’t be necessary—assumed past year’s rosters, scores, and matchups were gone forever. Fortunately, while past years aside from 2018 do not currently show full histories, ESPN league histories appear to be safe.


White Wolf has learned that detailed league histories—past rosters, scores, matchups, and more—for ESPN leagues are indeed safe. High-level contact with ESPN led to a message from the company, which reads in part:


Thank you for your note and for being a loyal ESPN Fantasy player. Please know that your detailed league history is safe and we apologize that it is not currently available.


Hopefully you have noticed that we have been working hard to improve our fantasy experience on the web, including a new look and some important technology upgrades behind the scenes. This will enable us to more rapidly and continuously improve the game going forward and better respond to fan feedback from players like yourself. As part of our upgrade, some features are being enhanced and we will continue to roll those over the coming months, ahead of the NFL season. This includes detailed league history.


Thanks again for playing fantasy with ESPN.


This is a definitive statement, so unless ESPN is straight-up lying, it looks like fantasy owners can look forward to their full league histories being made available again in the coming weeks and months. And the source of contact with ESPN will not be revealed, but it is someone likely to ensure the company does right by its users—something ESPN arguably hasn’t done for years, like when they eliminated the popular Offline Draft App and added intrusive ads on FantasyCast in their fantasy football leagues.


Overall, users have the power here, as if ESPN league histories are not brought back by the time drafts roll around late in the summer, it’d likely be a very easy decision for many people to simply move leagues to another platform like NFL.com or Yahoo for 2019 and beyond.


  • RBY18

    I play on all three platforms. I just like playing fantasy footbal in general it’s so much fun.. don’t really mind league history.

  • Juuj

    Hopefully this response is true. I was told by support that it could be until the end of this upcoming season. Another person was told that the data is gone ‘forever’. The lack of consistency in answers worries me, and I will likely switch to a new service if it has not returned near draft day.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

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