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ESPN Fantasy Football Is Beginning To Roll Out The Return Of League History

ESPN appears to be keeping its word about league histories returning to their fantasy football platform after they were eliminated earlier this year. A new post from ESPN Fantasy Football announced that the first step of detailed histories returning for those in leagues that have gone on for more than one year is now live.


You can check for yourself, but ESPN lays it out as: complete league standings for every season of your league, complete matchup results for every season of your league, and playoff bracket information for every season.


The complete league standings for every season have been available since this absence of league history issue began, so this update is basically just giving you the ability to see past scores from every year of your league. However, ESPN appears serious about making league history as detailed as possible, adding:


This is the first of several planned League History releases. We are actively working to make historical draft results, team rosters, and player stats information available as soon as possible, as well as other improvements.


Most fantasy players that have been in a league for more than a couple of season want to sometimes look back and see everything that’s happened over the years, which they were able to do until the recent ESPN website update earlier this year. But it’s good to see ESPN is bringing that all back, and potentially more, as quickly as possible. They really had no choice to bring draft history and past team rosters back, or they would have lost millions of users.


We will continue to update you as more information becomes available on the rollout of ESPN Fantasy Football league histories.


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