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Fantasy Consigliere Now Offers Excel Spreadsheet To Replace Offline Draft App

We know many of you were very unhappy when ESPN Fantasy Football took away the Offline Draft App out of nowhere last year—without warning to league commissioners. Many people said they were preparing to start their drafts with the Offline Draft App, as they had for years, only to see it was gone. The pen-and-paper route became necessary for some, but the ease of inputting the results on a draft board and having it displayed on a television screen was the ideal situation.


As part of a Fantasy Consigliere subscription, you can now get access to an Excel spreadsheet that easily allows you to keep track of your draft. You cannot transfer the data directly to the league hosting sites like ESPN, Yahoo, and NFL.com, but we hope this makes things a little bit easier for league commissioners that enter all the draft results themselves as they did on the Offline Draft App.


For now, Fantasy Consigliere subscribers can use the Consigliere Counsel to direct message us and ask for the Excel spreadsheet depending on the league size. Standard-sized 10- or 12-team leagues (or smaller) work best, but we can provide options for 14-team leagues and bigger, too.


This is something that people with solid understanding of Excel can do themselves, so this isn’t a huge new feature. However, it’s another perk of Fantasy Consigliere, and hopefully it helps the non-tech-savvy league managers out there.


Right now, there is no roster board in the Excel draft board because things will continue to change (injuries, holdouts, etc.) in the coming weeks, and we’ve found people are happy with using their own individual cheat sheets to keep track of available players. But players are still color-coded when they are input on the draft board, making things easy to track.


This isn’t perfect, but it’s an adequate option to make things run smoothly for league commissioners that previously relied on the Offline Draft App that ESPN took away last season.


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