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New To Fantasy Consigliere: Settle League Disputes

Thinking of joining Fantasy Consigliere for the upcoming NFL season? Besides getting our premium draft rankings, access to fantasy analytics, top-notch betting advice (60.8% accuracy in recommended against-the-spread picks last year), and—most importantly—a personal consigliere to advise you in all fantasy football matters, you will now get something else: the ability to settle league disputes through an arbitrator.


Ideally, your league operates without issue, but that often isn’t the case, so you might need an unbiased third party to gather all the facts and make a determination. And while other services will charge a stingy $15 for a single dispute or $100 for unlimited disputes, we will settle any and all cases as a part of your Fantasy Consigliere package, which at $29.99 is an absolute bargain compared to most of the industry offering less involved subscriptions for a significantly higher price.


Those using the service can be sure that all disputes we settle will be handled on the same day they are presented to us (provided we have all the facts we need), but potential subscribers shouldn’t expect us to have us automatically rule in their favor. Instead, our ability to settle disputes is best viewed as an important, incorruptible tool that’s just a small part of the Fantasy Consigliere package.


Also, for both new and old subscribers, there will be a full fantasy football draft guide released this summer to supplement the basic draft rankings. And of course, you can always contact us directly for any trade, waiver wire, draft, DFS, or dynasty question.


“Join the Pack” and get Fantasy Consigliere today, or if you want to know more, we can be reached through email at contact@wolfsports.com.



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