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Ranking The Best Draft Slots For 2018 Fantasy Football Drafts

For many people, fantasy drafts are the most fun part of playing in a fantasy football league. Each draft position has its own benefits, and each year, the preferred slot can change. This season, drafts appear to have a number of strong options early, and chances are you can get players you’re very happy about at any spot. However, this is how I’d rank the draft slots in standard ten-team leagues.


1st overall

It can be a bit stressful trying to decide who to select with every available player being an option, but it’s still a good thing being able to pick whoever you want; ideally, the selection will work out. Aside from injuries or a situation like Adrian Peterson dealt with a few years ago when he was placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, the top pick in fantasy drafts is usually safe. The first overall selection also gives you the back-to-back picks in snake drafts.


2nd overall

The second pick might not be quite as good as the top pick, but it’s still a prime spot in the draft. If you’re really locked in on someone at number one, it might be frustrating just missing out, but there’ll be plenty of opportunities for steals of your own throughout the draft to get the guy you want right before the back-to-back turn.


3rd overall

Because there is a plethora of running backs available along with wide receivers like Antonio Brown, you could still get the top player on your board at third overall. Number three allows you to get at least either your second ranked running back if you want to target that position, or you can select AB—who is probably the safest selection of all—or someone else you really like.


10th overall

At the end of the first round, there’s a chance a player you really like, such as Kareem Hunt or Odell Beckham Jr. this year according to early ADP, is there for the taking. In which case, you can select them both with the back-to-back picks. Not having another selection for another 18 picks hurts, but at least you can start your team with a couple of studs you feel comfortable with.


4th overall

I think there are so many great options that you can go with a dozen or so players with your first-round selection. With the fourth draft slot, the three people in front of you could make your decision easier by narrowing it down. And you aren’t in a spot like one or two where the wait can feel like forever if you’re impatient.


9th overall

Ninth overall is similar to the tenth spot, except you don’t get the true back-to-back. The bright side is your first-round pick is one spot earlier, which could be the difference in getting the player you really want with your first pick and missing out on him.


5th overall

If you’re into running backs and believe there are five elite options atop drafts, then the fifth spot could be perfect. It can get frustrating if guys keep getting taken a pick or two in front of you every round, though.


8th overall

The last three spots were the toughest for me to rank for this year’s draft, as it feels like the 6-through-8 section of the draft is the spot you never want in the first round. However, as stated earlier, the top of drafts appears to be stacked in 2018. You might be able to get a top-three player on your board this late.


6th overall

Six is right in the middle of the drafts with number five, but it comes in the second half of the first round instead of in the first half. A good part about the middle is that you don’t need to wait too long to make selections, but that doesn’t mean the guys you want won’t be taken right before your picks.


7th overall

Seven is a lucky number for many, but it just seems like the worst spot in a snake draft. It’s in between a middle pick and a late pick, so in some ways you don’t get the benefit of either. Seventh does give you two top-15 picks with a reasonable selection in the third round, at least. In the end, you can still make the most of any draft slot with some good selections and some luck throughout the season.


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