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The Vikings-Rams Matchup Might Be The Best Fantasy Thursday Game This Season

There have been many complaints from people over the years about Thursday night games, but most diehard football fans will take a game whenever they can get it—even if the Thursday-nighters turn out to be unpredictable and sometimes sloppy. The NFL regular season lasts only 17 weeks, so many fans love their Mondays and Thursday night games for 16 of those weeks. That’s just under 31% of the year.


Another reason people enjoy the non-Sunday games so much—for better or worse—is because of the fantasy football implications. Having a player or two in a Thursday contest can make you feel confident (or nervous) heading into Sunday, depending on how the player(s) perform. And Mondays can get you off to a miserable start to your real week if you take things too hard.


So it’s good that the NFL gave FOX an awesome slate of games for Thursday nights this fall. Non-fantasy fans will hopefully have great games to watch, while having good teams typically means more (and sometimes better) fantasy options.


For most fantasy leagues, tonight’s contest between the Vikings and the Rams might have a player in every single game. There could be more high-end elite fantasy options, but in terms of depth, it doesn’t get much better than this.


This is obviously an inexact science, but I’ve identified the ten teams that probably have the deepest group of fantasy options. I am not factoring in the strength of each individual option, but rather if players are typically “starters” or borderline starters in standard 10- or 12-team lineups. The total under each team is the number of those options for that team.




Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Jones

Davante Adams

Randall Cobb

Jimmy Graham


Total: 5




Tom Brady

Sony Michel

James White

Josh Gordon

Chris Hogan

Rob Gronkowski


Total: 6



Drew Brees

Alvin Kamara

Mark Ingram*

Michael Thomas

Benjamin Watson


Total: 5



Ryan Fitzpatrick

Mike Evans

DeSean Jackson

Chris Godwin

O.J. Howard


Total: 5




Matt Ryan

Devonta Freeman

Tevin Coleman

Julio Jones

Calvin Ridley


Total: 5




Ben Roethlisberger

James Conner

Antonio Brown

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Vance McDonald


Total: 5




Philip Rivers

Melvin Gordon

Austin Ekeler

Keenan Allen

Mike Williams


Total: 5




Patrick Mahomes

Kareem Hunt

Tyreek Hill

Sammy Watkins

Travis Kelce


Total: 5




Jared Goff

Todd Gurley

Brandin Cooks

Robert Woods

Cooper Kupp

Total: 5




Kirk Cousins

Dalvin Cook

Latavius Murray

Stefon Diggs

Adam Thielen

Kyle Rudolph


Total: 6



So the only matchup that could potentially get a higher total of usual “starting” players is the Patriots and Vikings—which, luckily, we will get later this year in Week 13. But it’s a 4:25 PM ET game. Tonight, for the first Thursday Night Football game on FOX, it will have as much fantasy implication as nearly any game on the calendar this season.


Everyone enjoy the action, but remember it’s only one game. You’ll have plenty of matchups to watch and plenty of opportunities for your guys to rack up fantasy points in just a few days.


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