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Top Ten Tuesday: Fantasy Football Team Names

It’s finally August and almost time for fantasy drafts. Picking a good name for your fantasy team is nearly as important as picking the players, and here are the top ten names—new and old—for 2017. [Note: we will have an article solely dedicated to ‘Game of Thrones’ team names, so keep an eye out for that]


1. Super Saiyan Njoku

It’s always great when a talented rookie comes into the league with a perfect name for fantasy owners. Anyone who watches Dragon Ball Z probably had Njoku in mind for their team names this year, and “Super Saiyan Njoku” is the best one in our opinion, but there are a few ways you can go.


2. Artavis Scott Paper Company

While David Njoku was a first-round pick, Artavis Scott was undrafted out of Clemson. Still, there is a decent chance he works his way onto a roster this season, and we can finally get to use a solid Michael Scott reference for a name. If Scott (Artavis) doesn’t make the Chargers or another team, you could also use “Michael Crabtree Paper Company,” but it’s just not the same.


3. Breaking Bradford

Now that he broke the single-season completion percentage record, this name is a good one (as opposed to making fun of a professional athlete getting injured). Like all these, you can easily make a team logo by pasting Bradford’s head on Walter White.


4. Manning of Steel

You have to love the superhero references, and this is the best of them. Eli Manning’s humorous on-field demeanor might be closer to Clark Kent than Superman, but he’s sure looked like the Man of Steel with his past postseason production.


5. Batman and Allen Robinson

This would probably vault to the top spot on the list if the Jaguars had an elite quarterback (or if Robinson was a #2 receiver instead of a #1), but it’s still a quality name.


6. Rex Luthor

Well, we’ve had Batman, Superman, and Robin, so it’s only fair there is a villain to oppose them here. Rex Burkhead is perfect for the role with his name… and he’s bald!


7. The Big Gronkowski

Imagine a conversation between Rob Gronkowski and “The Dude.”


8. Super Mariota

Is there a way to work Luigi into this? Mariota and Luwanigi for Marcus Mariota and his left tackle Taylor Lewan? The original is probably better, but that’s actually not bad.


9. Let’s Dalvin Cook

This works even better now that Sam Bradford (“Breaking Bradford”) and Dalvin Cook are teammates, but they’ll likely be cooking on the field instead of in New Mexico.


10. Forte Yard Dash



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