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White Wolf Fantasy Football Consigliere Has Officially Launched

We are happy to announce that White Wolf Fantasy Football Consigliere is officially available. White Wolf has plenty of free content for everyone to enjoy, but Fantasy Consigliere is for those that want to unrelentingly dominate their fantasy football leagues.


Nowhere else will you will find a better fantasy football asset than Fantasy Consigliere. After taking much time to craft this premium membership, we have created never-before-seen fantasy football analytics that are super accurate, easy to follow, and easy to utilize. The analytics are updated year-round to ensure you get the most up-to-date tools and information available.


Fantasy Consigliere makes users the boss of their fantasy teams, with a committed and knowledgeable advisor to lean on whenever necessary. You can counsel with your consigliere to ensure you do not make a bad decision, gain insight on trades, or simply get the answers you are looking for.


Why can you trust us? We do much more than just look at numbers. Last season, we were ranked No. 1 in NFL game picks, including a correct prediction for Super Bowl LII. We watch every game—preseason, regular season, and postseason—so we do not spew nonsense without even watching players on the field. This translates directly to fantasy football.


Whether you are a serious fantasy football player that wants a loyal advisor in their ear to help guide them with their toughest decisions, or a struggling player that is looking for any advantage you can get to get your team atop the standings, anyone that plays fantasy football would benefit from Fantasy Consigliere.


Fantasy Consigliere gives users an unprecedented edge in fantasy football. We truly believe no asset comes close to matching the upper hand that it gives users.


What are you waiting for? Learn more about Fantasy Consigliere here and join the pack so you can master your fantasy leagues.


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