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‘Game of Thrones: Conquest’ Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been waiting for a Game of Thrones mobile game where you can lead your own house and capture different kingdoms—including the Iron Throne—you’re in luck. A new HBO-backed game called Game of Thrones: Conquest was released today. Here’s a new trailer to give you an idea of the game if you haven’t downloaded it yet.



GoT: Conquest can be a little intimidating at first because so much is going on, but follow these quick tips and you will soon be a major player in Westeros.


Listen to Tyrion

The easiest way to quickly get the hang of the game is to listen to Tyrion, as he sets objectives for you to follow and advance your rank. For the most part, strticly following his advice is the most efficient way to increase your house’s power. Daenerys, Jon Snow, Varys, and Littlefinger also give tips at different points, and you should listen to them all… except for maybe Littlefinger.


Build Farms and Sawmills

This is something that Tyrion fails to mention, but you can build more than one farm and sawmill, which are essential in getting food and wood. All you do is click an open circle of land towards the bottom of your city and choose to build the farm or sawmill. You can also build more and different things once you level up; the open plots of land are there for a reason.


Don’t be idle

Along with Tyrion’s guidance, you should use the bar to the right to always be active in building, training, marching, etc. There should be a little red circle over the category anytime an action is available.


Join your friends

Houses that are serious about taking the Iron Throne or any other various locations and kingdoms should band together in the same Westeros. It’s a little complicated, but you should be able to bind your account to Game Center (iOS) or Facebook, enter the friend code of whoever’s Westeros you want to join, and then follow the instructions so you don’t lose your progress. After that, you should all join a liege to create an alliance and prepare to do battle against potential enemies.


Take advantage of “free”

When it comes to building things, you can breeze through anything that takes less than 10 minutes by hitting “FREE” over wherever the structure is. Even if something starts at 13, 21, or however many minutes, once it gets down below 10, you can finish it off for free.



Good luck, and we wish you good fortune in the wars to come.


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