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‘Game of Thrones’ Power Rankings After “Dragonstone” (S7E1)

Season 7 is underway and it’s time for the first of the weekly Game of Thrones power rankings. Here is how everyone stands after “Dragonstone.”


Falling off: Ellaria Sand (23), Lady Olenna (25)

Dead and off: None


25. Melisandre – Last week: 21 (-4)

We didn’t see the Red Woman in the season premiere, but Melisandre will likely make an impact before long.


24. Benjen Stark – Last week: 19 (-5)

We also didn’t see Benjen, and it’s still unclear whether or not we will even see him again. The half-dead Stark will likely do what he can for as long as he can beyond the Wall.


23. Edd – Last week: NR

The first post-opening scene featured Bran and Meera reaching the Wall, greeted by the new Lord Commander and some other members of the Night’s Watch. He’s no Jon Snow, but Edd seemed to be in control and was wise to questions the two rather than simply letting them pass.


22. Bronn – Last week: 22

Bronn stays put after not appearing in the first episode. Will his loyalty remain with Cersei and Jaime if Tyrion returns to King’s Landing?


21. Samwell Tarly – Last week: NR

Life was not looking great for Sam at the Citadel, but a bit of rule breaking allowed him to acquire some important knowledge, and we now know there is a mountain of dragonglass at Dragonstone.


20. Beric Dondarrion – Last week: 20

The Hound made Beric Dondarrion the receiving end of some humorous insults, but we know he serves a purpose because the Lord of Light keeps bringing him back.


19. Brienne – Last week: 18 (-1)

According to Tormund, Podrick is a lucky man for getting to spar with Brienne, whose loyalty to Sansa is evident.


18. Euron Greyjoy – Last week: 16 (-2)

A new-look Euron was flat-out denied in his marriage proposal to “the most beautiful woman in the world,” thus ending his childhood dream. He still commands a significant fleet and promises to bring Cersei a gift, though, which could make her reconsider.


17. Qyburn – Last week: 14 (-3)

Could Cersei trust Qyburn more than anyone else, including Jaime? She might, and he is likely cooking up some schemes for her behind the scenes.


16. Tormond – Last week: 17 (+1)

The wildlings defending the Wall? It looks like that is what’s going to happen at Jon’s command, and he knows better than anyone about how undermanned they are against the coming threat. Tormund and the wildlings have always been better in open combat, so we’ll see how they handle their new responsibilities.


15. Yara Greyjoy – Last week: 13 (-2)

Yara has aligned with Daenerys while her uncle looks to be joining Cersei one way or another. Is a battle at sea coming this season?


14. Lyanna Mormont – Last week: 15 (+1)

The young leader of Bear Island continues to impress, this time making it clear to Lord Glover that she doesn’t plan to “knit by the fire,” and doesn’t need his permission to defend the North.


13. The Hound – Last week: 24 (+11)

Sandor Clegane sees a big jump in our power rankings, as he saw the White Walkers in the flames and suddenly believes in something. If nothing else, he displayed guilt and a heart when he buried—in the dead of night—the man he previously robbed and his daughter. It was also good to see The Hound is still funny as ever, even if he’s just being honest.


12. Varys – Last week: 11 (-1)

Right by Daenerys’ side as they were arriving to Dragonstone, Varys earned a high-ranking spot by playing a big part in creating alliances for the Mother of Dragons. It will be interesting to see the two finally speak to each other, especially with Tyrion around.


11. Ser Davos – Last week: 10 (-1)

Similar to Varys, Davos has—through his own work—earned a spot at the main table next to Jon and Sansa. Hopefully he can be a buffer between them if tensions get any higher.


10. Jaime Lannister – Last week: 12 (+2)

Cersei declining Euron’s marriage proposal was a win for Jaime, though she didn’t entirely rule out of the possibility after the King of the Iron Islands promised a gift. Also, Jaime took some insults, but he kept himself in check, which is a good sign for him if things go off the rails with his sister.


9. Sansa Stark – Last week: 7 (-2)

A public disagreement between Sansa and Jon saw the King in the North make his decision final, allowing House Karstark and House Umber keep their ancestral homes. While she made some good points, the northern lords truly respect Jon, as Sansa admitted to him.


8. Littlefinger – Last week: 8

Sansa brushed off Littlefinger in the season premiere, but he could be playing the long game. We should get some answers next week when he and Jon look to interact.


7. Tyrion Lannister – Last week: 6 (-1)

When Daenerys finally stepped foot in Westeros, there were plenty of opportunities for Tyrion to make a comment, but he knew that the best thing in that moment was silence. He should be talking plenty the rest of the season.


6. Bran Stark – Last week: 5 (-1)

Bran’s vision of the White Walkers and army of undead (including giants) was a concerning sight, but at least he was able to pass the Wall with a weary Meera. Winter is here, so Bran should move quickly if he is going to reach Jon and Sansa.


5. The Night King – Last week: 4 (-1)

The Night King’s army seemed pretty well equipped for whoever stands in their way. Could another battle at the Wall be coming if the White Walkers are able to pass now that Bran did?


4. Arya Stark – Last week: 9 (+5)

Alright, so Arya wiped out House Frey to start Season 7, and apparently the Queen is next on her list. Talk about power moves.


3. Cersei Lannister (& The Mountain) – Last week: 3

The Lannisters really do have enemies at all sides, including master assassin Arya and Dragon Queen Daenerys. Cersei just denied a marriage request by her only possible ally at the moment, but Euron could change her mind soon.


2. Jon Snow – Last week: 2

Jon got the better of Sansa, making the decision not to punish sons and daughters for crimes of the father, which seems to be a fair policy. The King in the North doesn’t have any worry about what’s going on in the South right now, as he has seen and fought the White Walkers, and they are coming.


1. Daenerys Targaryen – Last week: 1

Daenerys only spoke one sentence in the episode, but it was a powerful one that sets the stage for the rest of the series. We know King’s Landing and the Iron Throne are in her sights, but will that change when she gets word of the threat in the North?

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