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Game of Thrones Power Rankings (After Season 6)

*The following article contains SPOILERS from the first six seasons of Game of Thrones. So if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet, stop what you are doing right now, shut off all communication with the rest of the world, and watch… Then come back to wolfsports.com.*

1. Daenerys Targaryen

She’s got an army, navy, and air force, and is finally on her way to Westeros. If you look at a map of the Game of Thrones world, you’ll see how far she’s traveled and why it’s such a big deal.

2. Jon Snow

The newly crowned King in the North certainly climbed the rankings, considering he was literally dead at the hands of his “brothers” to start Season 6. It was great to see the former Lord Commander finally feel not only accepted, but praised. Jon Snow might even have the most legitimate claim to the Iron Throne based on his true parentage.

3. Cersei Lannister

The new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms basically single-handedly took out all her enemies, and didn’t even have to utilize The Mountain. Qyburn seems to be her only “living” ally, considering the look on Jaime’s face when he saw his sister on the Iron Throne, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

4. Night King

The Night King hasn’t been seen since he killed the Three-Eyed Raven, but there’s no doubt he’s around. And he’s marked the new Three-Eyed Raven.

5. Bran Stark

Bran seems to know Jon isn’t really his brother, and he’s finally ready to cross the wall, but does the Night King have him in his sights?

6. Littlefinger

We kind of knew, but now we definitely know Littlefinger’s true intentions: sitting on the Iron Throne (he said with Sansa by his side, but he’d likely kill Sansa if need be). Littlefinger seems to always be a step ahead of everyone, so hopefully for Jon, Sansa knows what she’s doing.

7. Tyrion Lannister

The most trusted advisor to the number one on our power rankings, “The Hand of the Queen” might face his siblings in Westeros. Tyrion is going to be crucial for Dany playing the great game.

8. Arya Stark

Finally, we have revenge on Walder Frey for the Red Wedding thanks to Arya. Seeing Tyrion kill his father was fitting, but Ramsey killing Roose was disappointing because a Stark couldn’t get revenge on him. It was awesome to see Arya use her training to become “No One” and get revenge.

9. Varys

Varys forged an alliance with Dorne (and Lady Olenna) to aid Daenerys in her quest for the Iron Throne, even though I’m pretty sure Dany had no idea who he was until they sailed off the Westeros in the final scene of the season. Still, Varys seems to truly want the Targaryens back in charge.

10. Lyanna Mormont

“We know no King but the King in the North whose name is Stark!” Everyone’s favorite 10-year-old gave a powerful endorsement to Jon Snow, reminding everyone The North Remembers, speaking harshly, and truly.

11. Sansa Stark

Does Sansa know Littlefinger is trying to manipulate her, or is she letting him get to her? She seemed to be happy for Jon, but who knows?

12. Qyburn

The former Maester has control of Varys’s little birds, and seems to be every position on the small council. Maybe he and The Mountain should be up at #2 with Cersei, like a tag-team, but with everyone seperate, he deserves to be this high as long as Cersei is in charge.

13. Ser Davos

Ser Davos has been instrumental in helping Jon become King in the North. And he’s clearly got Jon’s trust, influencing the exile of the woman who brought Jon back to life.

14. The Mountain

Wildfire was what got Cersei to the Iron Throne, and The Mountain is what’s keeping her there. As long as he’s by her side, it’s tough to see anyone removing Cersei from the throne, unless an army with dragons marches on King’s Landing.

15. Benjen Stark

Benjen was able to save Bran and guide him back to the wall with Meera. Does he have a bigger role to play, or was that the last we’ll see of “Cold-hands” Benjen?

16. Yara Greyjoy

So it looks like Yara is the leader of Dany’s navy, and gained the Iron Islands independence in the process. Not bad for someone who’s on the run from her murderous uncle.

17. Jaime Lannister

Did Jaime leave The Twins just in time to avoid the blade of Arya? Maybe. But it looks like he found an even scarier sight, with his sister turned into “The Mad Queen,” indirectly killing their last-living child in the process.

18. Euron Greyjoy

The King of the Iron Islands hasn’t been seen, but he’s probably right on Yara and Theon’s tails. Will there be a battle at sea before Dany can reach King’s Landing?

19. Tormund

Tormund will die for Jon Snow because Jon did for he and the wildlings. Without Tormund, the wildling army might not be as loyal to Jon.

20. Brienne

Last we saw Brienne, she was sailing with Podrick and waving at Jaime. The last person we saw rowing away, we’ve yet to see (Gendry). I think Brienne will be back with Sansa pretty soon, though.

21. Melisandre

Jon Snow exiled her, and Davos wanted her hanged, but Melisandre brought the now King in the North back to life, so clearly she is very powerful, and might come across someone traveling North. Maybe Arya or the Brotherhood without Banners?

22. Bronn

The sell sword is second in command to the Lannister army, but with his old friend Tyrion coming back, will he stay loyal to Jaime?

23. Ellaria Sand

Dorne is still looking for revenge on the Lannisters for Oberyn’s death (killing Myrcella wasn’t enough apparently), and have aligned with Daenerys thanks to Varys.

24. The Hound

The Hound is traveling with the Brotherhood without Banners. Beric Dondarrion says the Hound has a role to play, perhaps fighting beside Jon Snow, reuniting with Arya, or facing his brother.

25. Lady Olenna

Well, her son and grandchildren were wiped out by Cersei, but a new alliance gives her hope for revenge. Will she get it?

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