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2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: QB Josh Rosen

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 226 lbs.

Age: 21

School: UCLA


40-yard dash: 4.92 sec.

Vertical: 31.0”

Broad: 111.0”

Bench: DNP

3-cone: 7.09 sec.



Extremely accurate. Superb mechanics. Consistent footwork. Generates maximum velocity with repeatable motion. Makes on-time throws with ideal ball placement. Has tremendous touch at all levels of the field. Drops it in the bucket. Can get receivers open by throwing to the spot. Back-shoulder ball is second to none. Comfortable throwing outside the numbers. Moves defenders with his eyes and subtle body movements. Works through progressions. Very confident.



Character and leadership concerns seem legitimate. Poor pocket awareness. Doesn’t have elite arm strength. Not creative when the play breaks down. Decision-making needs improvement. Thin frame. Durability is an issue. Might needs things to be perfect around him to succeed.


NFL Comparisons

Eli Manning – Matt Ryan – Jared Goff



Rosen gets the most out of his arm with outstanding mechanics and throws accurately at all levels, but he might not have the arm strength to rip it into tight windows against NFL defenses on a consistent basis. Also, it’s worrisome that he can be very streaky (especially considering the quality of his mechanics), and I have questions about his ability to lead a franchise.


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