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2018 NFL Sunday Highlights: Week 1

March Madness is close, but nothing can pack quite the amount of action that NFL Sundays do. The NFL dominates all day on Sundays 17 weeks of the year, and this year’s first Sunday of the NFL season did not disappoint. Here are the top moments and plays from Week 1.


10. Chris Carson hurdle




9. Von Miller wrecks the Seahawks’ game




8. Adrian Peterson turns back the clock




7. Saquon Barkley breaks first-career touchdown




6. Gronk catches a back-shoulder touchdown in double coverage




5. The Steelers and Browns tie




4. Ryan Fitzpatrick lights up the Saints




3. Khalil Mack





2. Tyreek Hill scores three touchdowns






1. Aaron Rodgers returns to lead an epic comeback



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