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2019 NFL Draft Notebook: Thoughts With One Day To Go

My full positional rankings for the 2019 NFL Draft have dropped, and my Big Board will be released tomorrow; but there are some quick notes I wanted to release before things kick off tomorrow night.


Gary Jennings

-One of the most overlooked players in the draft

-Prototypical frame with above-average speed and athleticism

-Can play outside and in the slot

-NFL comparison: Chris Godwin


Multiple perfect backup quarterbacks that should be available late

These are ideal No. 2 quarterbacks that might never develop into a 16-game starter, but can likely perform in spot duty: Gardner Minshew (Washington State), Kyle Shurmur (Vanderbilt), Brett Rypien (Boise State), David Blough (Purdue)


Players that fit with Patriots

Bill Belichick always finds players that fit his team more than anyone else, and these are three guys I could see them targeting this year:

-Lukas Denis: interchange safety that can fill the Patrick Chung role as a Day 3 pick

-Ryan Finley: smart, tough, and accurate with the potential to prove himself as Tom Brady’s successor

-Hunter Renfrow: clutch slot receiver with championship DNA


Special team stars

-Travis Homer, RB, Miami

-Sutton Smith, EDGE, Northern Illinois

-Sione Takitaki, LB, BYU


Best player available

Finally, there’s been talk that if the Giants are planning to take Daniel Jones (or Drew Lock) at No. 17, they should simply take him at No. 6. I completely disagree and don’t understand why that thought process hasn’t been challenged. If said quarterback is ranked No. 12 on their board, why would they pass up at least seven higher-rated players with the sixth pick? There’s no logic to reaching in that situation, and if NFL teams actually think that way, it’s the exact reason New England is always at the top.


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