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Five Candidates To Replace Marshall Faulk On ‘NFL GameDay Morning’

Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk was suspended from NFL Network last year for alleged sexual harassment, and recently, it has been revealed that he will not return, which leaves an opening on NFL GameDay Morning every Sunday. So, who should replace Faulk—if anyone—on the show with Rich Eisen, Steve Mariucci, Kurt Warner, and Michael Irvin? Here are the top candidates.


5. Deion Sanders

If NFL Network wants to go for the biggest name and the “star power,” than Deion Sanders might be their guy. “Primetime” would probably deliver some controversial takes and won’t be afraid to speak his mind, but at least he’s coming from the place of someone that obviously knows the game. Sanders’ brash cornerback mindset would be interesting next to Michael Irvin.


4. Steve Smith

As far as speaking minds go, Steve Smith has shown he doesn’t have much of a filter on television. He already had some friendly beef with Michael Irvin, and it’d be funny to have the two great wide receivers next to each other on the set.


3. Daniel Jeremiah

This might be tough because Daniel Jeremiah spends a lot of time on scouting prospects for NFL.com, but it might be an interesting perspective on NFL GameDay Morning. Jermiah has experience in an NFL front office, and he has experience in a similar situation during the NFL Draft, where he needs to share the stage with a few other analysts.


2. Willie McGinest

In a set filled with offensive players and an offensive coach, it’d be good to have a tough-nosed potential Hall of Fame defender. Willie McGinest is well spoken and obviously very smart. He would give another angle for fans to get a look at as one of the best defensive players that has played for Bill Belichick.


1. Terrell Davis

Maybe NFL Network will sub out one Hall of Fame running back for another. Terrell Davis has years of experience on television, and like Kurt Warner, he has a great story as a former sixth-round pick that worked his way into an NFL MVP and a Super Bowl MVP. Also, there are many awesome running backs in the league right now, and it’d be interesting to hear TD talk about them every Sunday morning on the network’s biggest show.


  • Rory LeVaux

    Definitely NOT Prime Time. There is only room for one overbearing personality on GameDay Morning and Mike Irvin has that base covered. If the network is to promote from within, the most intelligent choice is easily Willie McGuinest. He is BY FAR, the most knowledgeable and well-spoken identity on the network. I’m not sure if there is anyone who even comes close. Listening to Steve Smith, LaDainian Tomlinson or Deion Sanders speak is like listening to today’s pop music. Utterly Painful. How can people who were drafted out of college have such a difficult time forming words from their mouths?
    Listen. Having former players as network personalities who are full of themselves, both while they were playing and even now, gets old really quickly. I’ve had to watch you throughout your career continually boast about how great you think you were, the absolute last thing I want now is to see you on my Sunday Morning pregame show. So No Deion. No Steve Smith. LT(2) was far more humble than these two but I think Willie or TD would be a considerably better choice. Both are well spoken, intelligent and exceptional at what they do now so they would be the best choices to replace Marshall Faulk, in my opinion.

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