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NFL Releases Full 2020 Regular Season Schedule

It’s an exciting night for football fans in a world currently without much in the way of sports. The 2020 NFL schedule is out, and the slate of games begins with the Super Bowl champion Chiefs hosting the Texans in a postseason rematch for opening kickoff on Thursday, September 10. The full schedule can be viewed on the NFL’s official site.


You’ll probably hear some say that the NFL should not have released the schedule because they don’t know for sure that they’ll be able to play games starting in early September, but I like the optimistic approach the league is taking. It’s good to get a little hope and something to look forward to in the fall. Let’s jump into a few quick takeaways from the NFL’s schedule release:


  • The opening game is one that naturally gets a lot of attention, and the NFL picked a safe-yet-exciting one featuring Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. The Texans were up big on the Chiefs in last season’s Divisional Round before Kansas City stormed back and coasted to a win on their way to a championship. Houston topped KC in Arrowhead during the regular season last year.
  • A major standout on the calendar for me is that we’ll be getting Christmas Day football. The NFL had a Christmas game when the festive holiday fell on a Friday in 2009, but it was a bit of a surprise to see a Christmas game this year on Friday, December 25. It’ll be awesome to watch America’s favorite sport on Christmas, and the matchup between the Vikings and the Saints is an excellent one on paper ahead of the season. The NBA can’t be happy about this, and they will almost certainly get destroyed in the television ratings during the day. I’m surprised the NFL didn’t do a Christmas Night game, too.
  • The first game for Tom Brady in his new uniform will come at the Superdome in Week 1 as the Buccaneers face the Saints in an NFC South matchup. Other standout opening week games include Packers vs. Vikings, Seahawks vs. Falcons, and Cowboys vs. Rams (Sunday night).
  • The primetime games look really great overall this year (maybe because there seems to be so many good teams in the league). The Ravens, Cowboys, Packers, Chiefs, Rams, Patriots, 49ers, and Buccaneers are all tied with a league-lead five primetime games this season.
  • There was some talk of the early-season games being non-divisional matchups incase COVID-19 interferes with the NFL schedule, but that is not the case. The NFL has stated that they will adjust if needed, but they are clearly very confident that they will get in a full 16-game regular season on a normal schedule starting on the Thursday after Labor Day.


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