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Potential Super Bowl LV Matchups Ranked

The first Super Wild Card Weekend was a success, and the Divisional Round is considered by many to be the best weekend of the NFL season, but it’s tough to top Championship Sunday. We’ll be treated to outstanding matchups this year, with arguably the clear top four quarterbacks in the league facing off; I’d argue the conference championship matchups—both expected to be very tight contests according to the odds for the NFL games this week—are more intriguing than any of the Super Bowl possibilities, but this is how I rank the scenarios for Super Bowl LV on February 7.


4. Bills vs. Buccaneers

Despite the hype around the conference title games, all four potential Super Bowl LV matchups should be very, very good—as stated, it’ll feature two elite quarterbacks no matter who wins this Sunday. Tom Brady switched conferences last offseason, but facing the Bills would conclude his first season in Tampa Bay by battling a former division foe with a Super Bowl on the line. The chess match between Brady and Bills head coach Sean McDermott and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier would be enjoyable for football fans, as would Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles trying to slow down Josh Allen and the Bills offense.


3. Bills vs. Packers

If it’s Bills-Packers, the Big Game would likely feature the two top finishers for league MVP in Aaron Rodgers (expected to win after being named first team All-Pro) and Josh Allen, giving it the slight edge over the Bills-Bucs matchup. The Chiefs’ 14-2 campaign might say otherwise, but the Bills and the Packers have arguably been the most dominant two teams in the league in 2020 (Green Bay is first in average scoring margin, while Buffalo is fifth against a tougher schedule; KC is sixth). They are two all-around teams, and the quarterbacks both have the ability to make mind-blowing throws from anywhere behind the line of scrimmage. Bills-Packers would be unpredictable and fun.


2. Chiefs vs. Packers

Their careers started differently, and Patrick Mahomes has a long way to go in his career, but he’s earned similar recognition to Aaron Rodgers back when he first took over for Brett Favre and won a Super Bowl early in his tenure as the Packers’ starting quarterback. Since then, Rodgers has yet to even get back to the Super Bowl, so it would be interesting to see which quarterback would get his second ring—as Rodgers knows better than most, it’s not easy to win multiple titles no matter how good you and your team are. Green Bay does things a little differently offensively than Kansas City does, but Chiefs-Packers would still have the makings of a potential track meet with tons of points scored.


1. Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Before he even won a Super Bowl last year, people were calling Patrick Mahomes the best quarterback ever, but Chiefs-Bucs would set up a matchup between Mahomes and the real G.O.A.T. in six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. Both teams are built to get back to the Super Bowl in future seasons, but chances are this will be the only time we see Mahomes v. Brady with a championship on the line given the parity in the NFL. Brady and Mahomes have nothing but stellar things to say about each other, but they’d both know the game might be more historic than usual. This matchup did play out during the regular season (a 27-24 Chiefs victory), and many saw it as a potential Super Bowl preview despite Tampa Bay not finding its groove until the final stretch.


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