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New York Jets

The New York Jets Release New Uniforms And Logo

The New York Jets have officially revealed their brand-new team uniforms, along with an apparent new logo for the franchise. The team also revealed the new tagline/motto, “Take Flight”.




You can watch the stream of the jersey reveal here:



The helmets appear to have a chrome-like dark green look to them, pairing nicely with the home green, white away, and black alternate uniforms. For the black uniforms, which are officially called “Steal Black”, the dark green helmets reflect in a way that should make it look like an all-dark look.


The green is officially called “Gotham Green”:



The white is officially called “Spotlight White”:



And another look at “Stealth Black”:



The Jets are trying to usher in a new era under second-year quarterback Sam Darnold and head coach Adam Gase (formerly of the Dolphins), and at least in terms of fashion, we’ll now have to get used to seeing the franchise differently on Sundays.


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