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Top Ten Tuesday: 2020 NFL Quarterback Arm Strength Rankings

There’s been much discussion regarding the Madden 21 ratings, and throw power is a category that’s been getting a lot of scrutiny. Today’s Top Ten Tuesday attempts to make things right by ranking the strongest arms in the NFL for 2020. Dwayne Haskins, Ben Roethlisberger, Nick Foles, and Tom Brady were among the closest quarterbacks to miss the cut.


10. Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray’s former Oklahoma teammate and fellow Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield also could have been on the list (and he probably would have been if it was based on pure throwing velocity), but the younger Murray packs a ton of throwing power into his five-foot-ten frame. The baseball background has helped Murray flick the deep ball like he’s playing long toss.


9. Justin Herbert

Many were intrigued by Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert in the pre-draft process because of the former Oregon Duck’s tantalizing combination of size and natural arm strength. Herbert fires passes on throws to the boundary including back-shoulders, and he can drive the ball to the intermediate and deep parts of the field.


8. Carson Wentz

Eagles fans have a way of being vocal about things they disagree with, and Carson Wentz’s ratings in Madden 21 might be the most complained about thing regarding the game over the past couple of days. Wentz has some similarities to Herbert in terms of throwing style, but he probably gets an edge when it comes to bombing it on nine routes.


7. Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco is coming off offseason neck surgery, but he should make a full recovery and still belongs among the NFL’s top quarterbacks in raw throwing power. The former Super Bowl MVP throws with about as much velocity as anyone, and he leverages his six-foot-six stature to catapult deep balls with ease.


6. Russell Wilson

Despite a strong baseball background like Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson has a pretty long release—but he more than makes up for it with the way he slings the ball around the field. He has always had a live arm, but Wilson’s work ethic has probably helped him increase the distance and velocity on his throws as he enters his ninth NFL season.


5. Aaron Rodgers

Consensus is that Aaron Rodgers’ play has taken a step back in recent years, but his arm remains near the upper echelon in both accuracy and strength. Rodgers’ release was a point of criticism back when he entered the draft in 2005, but he’s worked to make a major asset out of a lightning quick release paired with an elite arm.


4. Jacob Eason

There have been some complaints about Jacob Eason’s status among the top throw power quarterbacks in Madden 21, but there’s no debate that he deserves a high rating for the attribute. The rookie out of Washington has an absolute hose, and he can hit his receivers from anywhere without issue.


3. Matthew Stafford

Defenders sometimes have a hard time of making a play on the ball with the way Matthew Stafford rifles it to weapons like Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones on the outside, and the former No. 1 overall pick (just one of two top picks in the top ten) is still squarely among the NFL’s top power throwers. Stafford has made a ton of powerful throws down the sideline that many other quarterbacks wouldn’t even think of attempting.


2. Patrick Mahomes

Most serious football fans would agree that there isn’t much question on the two quarterbacks with the strongest arms in football in 2020. Patrick Mahomes showed off his arm strength with the clutch fourth-quarter deep ball in the Super Bowl, and his talent almost allows him to play the game like it’s flag football. Madden 21 probably underrated Mahomes by giving him just a 97 instead of a 98 in throw power.


1. Josh Allen

Surprisingly, Madden 21 made the right decision by giving Josh Allen an elusive 99 rating in throw power. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Allen might have the strongest arm in the history of football with the way he can laser the ball, so the 99 rating is well deserved.


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