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Top Ten Tuesday: Best NFL Uniforms

Last week, the Titans revealed their brand-new uniforms and helmets. Based off initial reactions, there seems to be a positive opinion on the Greek- and Roman-inspired gear, and opinions could change over the years the more people see them. For now, they are cutting-edge and could be among the best in the NFL. But which uniforms make up the NFL’s top ten?


10. Baltimore Ravens

Ravens can be intimidating birds, and they headline the black helmets of the Ravens football team. The all-black uniforms fit the logo and franchise perfectly, and the purple jerseys are pretty tough for being purple. Also, the Maryland flag on the shoulders of the jerseys is a great touch.


9. New Orleans Saints

They have among the league’s simplest uniform designs, but the gold of the Saints makes it unnecessary for them to go with any fanciness. The black and white jerseys with gold are great, and the Color Rush uniforms are among the league’s best.


8. Houston Texans

The Texans have uniforms that have a college uniform feel to them, which is a good thing. Behind Penn State, USC probably has the best uniforms in college football, and the Texans have a very similar design to them. There’s nothing too flashy about Houston’s uniforms, but they just work.


7. Buffalo Bills

They have had some design changes throughout the years, but the Bills have always had one of the best uniforms in the NFL. The white helmets with the red and blue Bills logo and red and blue thick stripe down the center go perfect with what is one of the best jerseys in the league. The classic block numbers make all the uniform upgrades work.


6. Pittsburgh Steelers

Over the years, the Steelers uniforms really haven’t changed—and that tells you something. Pittsburgh is a black and yellow town, and there might not be a team that better showcases the colors than the Steelers. The italic-like numbers are also unique and a good look.


5. Detroit Lions

These are the second-newest uniforms on the list, as the Lions unveiled these last year. It’s only been a season, but these seem to get better with time. The numbers are modern, the colors are among the best in the NFL, and the all-gray Color Rush uniforms are a big hit.


4. Tennessee Titans

Taking into account everything the Titans franchise considered for their uniforms, it’s hard not to think they did a great job on them. The classic-yet-modern Greek and Roman design is evident in the numbers, and the sword is also located on multiple spots throughout the uniform. These will probably grow on most people as the Titans hit the field with them.


3. New England Patriots

Maybe winning helps get them a more favorable opinion about everything, including the uniforms, but there’s no doubt the Patriots really do look good on the field. Most American patriots loves the red, white, and blue on New England’s uniforms, and the look probably won’t be changing anytime soon.


2. Los Angeles Chargers

A ton of football fans probably had a Kellen Winslow, Junior Seau, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, or LaDanian Tomlinson jersey throughout the years, and the lightning bolt on the shoulders was a big reason why. The “powder blues” are legendary, but the white and navy combinations are also among the league’s best. Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen, Joey Bosa, and other current players are great and should have their jerseys fly off the shelves regardless, but the look of the Chargers uniforms doesn’t hurt.


1. Philadelphia Eagles

There are many reasons the Eagles have the best uniforms in the NFL. “Midnight Green” is basically their own color, and it’s distinctive and unmatched. Every uniform combination is awesome—including their all-black “blackout” uniforms. And it doesn’t get much better than the winged helmets, which alone is the best helmet design in the league, but it also goes perfectly with every jersey color.


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