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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

1. New England Patriots (7–1) | Last week: #1

The biggest news of the week for the Patriots was Bill Belichick and Tom Brady (apparently) endorsing Donald Trump. It certainly won’t hurt Trump to have winners like Belichick and Brady on his side. Sidenote: I believe the majority of the media will be wrong and Trump will win the election.


2. Kansas City Chiefs (6–2) | Last week: #2

Kansas City got it done against Jacksonville despite being without Alex Smith, Spencer Ware, and Jeremy Maclin, who left on the first drive of the game after re-aggravating a groin injury. Smith and Ware should return this week, but Maclin is a little iffier. Maclin would be a huge help against a vulnerable Panthers secondary this week.


3. Atlanta Falcons (6–3) | Last week: #3

Another week, another huge performance by the Falcons offense. They’re averaging 33.4 points per game, and Kyle Shanahan has to be near the top of every list for potential head coach openings. The Falcons do have a tough matchup against the Eagles in Philadelphia, where they have been dominant.


4. Dallas Cowboys (7–1) | Last week: #5 (up 1)

The Cowboys took care of the Browns (as expected). They are atop the NFC and are clearly one of the top teams in the league. If they can go to Heinz Field to beat the Steelers and improve to 8-1, it would be very impressive.


5. Oakland Raiders (7–2) | Last week: #6 (up 1)

Latavius Murray, Khalil Mack, and the Raiders dominated the Broncos on Sunday night. Murray’s performance shows the balance that Oakland has on offense. That balance will make them really dangerous come playoff time.


6. Minneosta Vikings (5–3) | Last week: #4 (down 2)

I’m not giving up on the Vikings yet. They were my pick to win the NFC before the season, and they still have the potential to do so. I have to admit, I’m really concerned with the way the defense has played the past few weeks, but Mike Zimmer should be able to turn it around.


7. Seattle Seahawks (5–2-1) | Last week: #7

Again, the Seahawks benefit from the officiating in a game. They might have won the game either way, but the officiating at the end of the half was hard to watch. Anyway, the Seahawks will go to New England to face the Patriots on Sunday night in what should be an awesome game. Also keep in mind with the Seahawks run game struggling that Thomas Rawls could be back in Week 11 against the Eagles.


8. Green Bay Packers (4–4) | Last week: #8

The Packers lost at home and dropped to .500 on the season, but they remain at #8. It’s tough to find a team that should be ahead of them. As stated before, they have Aaron Rodger at quarterback—they are always in contention.


9. Denver Broncos (6–3) | Last week: #9

Oakland took it to the Broncos on Sunday night. The defense has been gashed on the ground by Melvin Gordon and Latavius Murray in consecutive weeks. I have not been high on the Broncos this year, but they remain in the top ten because of their 6-3 record and the lack of teams to challenge their spot.


10. Baltimore Ravens (4–4) | Last week: #20 (up 10)

Despite four straight losses before last Sunday, the Ravens are atop the AFC North. They should be able to keep it going on Thursday night against the 0-9 Browns.


11. Houston Texans (5–3) | Last week: #11

Let’s see if Brock Owseiler and DeAndre Hopkins can connect against the Jaguars this week. In a very winnable game, the Texans could improve to 6-3 despite a disappointing season from their quarterback to this point.


12. Pittsburgh Steelers (4–4) | Last week: #10 (down 2)

Ben Roethlisberger historically doesn’t play that well in his first game back from injury. Big Ben and the offense started slow against Baltimore, and couldn’t recover. The 7-1 Cowboys will come to Pittsburgh this week, but the offense should get things going.


13. Arizona Cardinals (3–4-1) | Last week: #12 (down 1)

Before entering their bye, the Cardinals were struggling a bit offensively. The 49ers might be exactly what the doctor ordered. The Cardinals should be able to score at will against the 49ers defense that does not have much experience or talent.


14. Washington Redskins (4–3-1) | Last week: #14

Last season, the Redskins were among the best teams in the league in the second half of the season. We’ll see if they can get that mojo going again off their bye against the downward trending Vikings.


15. New Orleans Saints (4–4) | Last week: #15

Drew Brees and the Saints are not what opposing defenses like to see. Ohio State rookie Michael Thomas has stepped up big time (which should have been expected given Sean Payton’s glowing remarks about him before the year). They might try keep things going with the run game this week, against a Broncos defense that is vulnerable there.


16. Indianapolis Colts (4–5) | Last week: #18 (up 2)

The Colts always seem to pull out a big win when no one expects them to. When Andrew Luck is on, the Colts can beat almost anyone. The Colts are on a bye this week, but will likely be pulling for the Jaguars to take down the Texans and keep the Colts within a game of them.


17. New York Giants (5–3) | Last week: #19 (up 2)

They were able to get to 5-3 at the halfway point, which is huge. Now they’ll face the Bengals on MNF. If the Giants can get to 6-3, they’ll be in a great position in a relatively weak NFC.


18. Detroit Lions (5–4) | Last week: #23 (up 5)

Minnesota is currently not playing well, but to get a win there is not easy. Matthew Stafford is an MVP darkhorse candidate (although probably unrealistic with Brady and Ryan playing the way they are) that has been huge for the Lions at the end of games.


19. Carolina Panthers (3–5) | Last week: #17 (down 2)

The Panthers move down a couple spots only because of teams like the Giants and Lions moving ahead of them after their big wins. If Carolina can get a W against the Chiefs in Week 10, they will be back in business.


20. Philadelphia Eagles (4–4) | Last week: #13 (down 7)

This organization has no idea what they are doing. Howie Roseman is calling the shots, which is not good for the Eagles. Josh Huff was let go after his arrest, showing inconsistency in leadership. With upcoming games against Atlanta, Seattle, and Green Bay, things could get ugly very quickly for the Eagles.


21. San Diego Chargers (4–5) | Last week: #21

Melvin Gordon has been unbelievable this season. People gave up on him after last year, but they should not have. He looks just like the guy that ran for over 2,000 yards in his final season at Wisconsin. San Diego will look to get to 5-5 before their Week 11 bye week.


22. Tennesse Titans (4–5) | Last week: #16 (down 6)

Two defensive touchdowns for the Chargers hurt the Titans chances of improving to 5-4. This week they’ll have a date with the 4-4 Packers. It’s hard to see Green Bay dropping to 4-5: bad news for Tennessee.


23. Miami Dolphins (4–4) | Last week: #25 (up 2)

Jay Ajayi has carried the offense and taken pressure off of Ryan Tannehill (smart move). After a slow start to the year, the Dolphins are .500 with a very real shot at contending for an AFC Wild Card position.


24. Buffalo Bills (4–5) | Last week: #22 (down 6)

Rex Ryan and the Bills had a right to be mad at the officiating last night. There’s something about Seattle and Monday night games, I guess. They’ll head into the bye to compose themselves.


25. Cincinnati Bengals (3–4-1) | Last week: #27 (up 2)

Despite the slow start, the Bengals are .5 GB of the lead in the AFC North. Cincinnati will try to stop the Giants offense on Monday night, to try and keep pace in with the Ravens and Steelers in the North.


26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3–5) | Last week: #24 (down 2)

Doug Martin could return this week to give the offense a boost. Look for Martin to get 20+ carries right away and help balance things for the offense and makes things easier for Jameis Winston.


27. Los Angeles Rams (3–5) | Last week: #26 (down 1)

After another loss, the Rams may have decided to get the ball to Todd Gurley. We’ll see if Gurley can get it going with more touches against a top-ranked Jets run defense.


28. New York Jets (3–6) | Last week: #28

The Jets had an opportunity to get right back in the thick of the AFC race. Now 3 GB of a wild card spot, the Jets are really going to have to go on a run to make the playoffs (it’s unlikely).


29. Chicago Bears (2–6) | Last week: #29

3 GB in the NFC North, the Bears will need Jay Cutler to play lights out to make a run. Cutler, Alshon Jeffery, and rookie running back Jordan Howard make this offense a fun one to watch. Howard is someone they can build around.


30. Jacksonville Jaguars (2–6) | Last week: #30

The Jags couldn’t beat the Chiefs even with the Chiefs’ starting quarterback and running back out. They did establish the run more, which kept the game closer. Look for them to run the ball with Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon. They invested a lot in these two for a reason—they might as well use them.


31. San Francisco 49ers (1–7) | Last week: #31

DuJuan Harris was a real bright spot for the Niners on Sunday. He’s bounced around the league a little bit, but looks to have found a home in the 49ers offense. If Carlos Hyde misses more time, look for Harris to carry the load.


32. Cleveland Browns (0–9) | Last week: #32

Short week might give the Browns a chance to get a W. Don’t count on it though.

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