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2018 FIFA World Cup: Round Of 16 Bracket And Television Schedule

After a crazy Group Stage of the World Cup in which the defending champion Germany was eliminated while Lionel Messi and Argentina narrowly advanced, it’s on to the Knockout Stage and the Round of 16. Here’s the group standings with who advanced from each Group:


Group Standings


Group A

*Uruguay (3-0-0)

*Russia (2-0-1)

Saudi Arabia (1-0-2)

Egypt (0-0-3)


Group B

*Spain (1-2-0)

*Portugal (1-2-0)

IR Iran (1-1-1)

Morocco (0-1-2)


Group C

*France (2-1-0)

*Denmark (1-2-0)

Peru (1-0-2)

Australia (0-1-2)


Group D

*Croatia (3-0-0)

*Argentina (1-1-1)

Nigeria (1-0-2)

Iceland (0-1-2)


Group E

*Brazil (2-1-0)

*Switzerland (1-2-0)

Serbia (1-0-2)

Costa Rica (0-1-2)


Group F

*Sweden (2-0-1)

*Mexico (2-0-1)

South Korea (1-0-2)

Germany (1-0-2)


Group G

*Belgium (3-0-0)

*England (2-0-1)

Tunisia (1-0-2)

Panama (0-0-3)


Group H

*Colombia (2-0-1)

*Japan (1-1-1)

Senegal (1-1-1)

Poland (1-0-2)

**Japan advanced over Senegal because of fair-play rule (Senegal had a yellow card)



Round of 16 Television Schedule


Saturday, June 30

France vs. Argentina (10:00 AM ET, FOX)

Uruguay vs. Portugal (2:00 PM ET, FOX)


Sunday, July 1

Spain vs. Russia (10:00 AM ET, FOX)

Croatia vs. Denmark (2:00 PM ET, FOX)


Monday, July 2

Brazil vs. Mexico (10:00 AM ET, FS1)

Belgium vs. Japan (2:00 PM ET, FOX)


Tuesday, July 3

Sweden vs. Switzerland (10:00 AM ET, FS1)

Colombia vs. England (2:00 PM ET, FS1)





And the entire bracket shows the potential upcoming matchups after the Round of 16—including a potential match with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the quarter-finals if Portugal and Argentina advance.


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